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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silverplated Sweet Tea or Ice-Cream Spoons

Last week, I found six pretty Rodgers silver plate ice tea spoons at a resale shop ... six for $4.35 and loved the pretty pattern. They were so tarnished it was really hard to see the pattern but they cleaned up really nice.
We do not use them for ice tea, but love them for ice-cream. I have two of these"waffle-cone" glasses for serving ice-cream and fruit. The only trouble with these, you can't eat the cones. lol

They look so pretty in my little stoneware pitcher. 
Of course, I had to put a few others in there with them. 

Happy Spring ... 

Thanks for the visit and hope you will let me know you stopped by.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When is a Cloche Not a Cloche ?

 definition of a Cloche ... 

1. a bell-shaped glass jar used to cover delicate plants. 

2. a close fitting, bell-shaped hat for women.

So ... what are all the other things we call a cloche?

You be the judge ... lots of pictures ... 

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I do have one bell-shaped glass cloche that houses a real bird nest on a stack of grapevine. 

Now this IS a cloche. 

These small cheese domes make really nice cloche. I placed them on small vintage enamel plates and displayed my miniature antique stone fruit.
you can see how these two glass light fixture were
re-purposed to a cloche HERE

and HERE

Chicken wire cloche ... 

I purchased these and they were pretty expensive, about $15.00 each plus shipping. The wire openings are smaller and items do not show up very well in them.   
                                                                                                                                                         I covered a metal frame from the Thrift store with chicken wire ... added a finial and called it 
a cloche.

Covered a small lampshade frame with chicken wire ... used it as a cloche.

Old metal bird cages make a wonderful display cloche. 

One sitting on a glass cake pedestal plate shows off the display really nice and the other on a silver plated cake plate.    

Both are brass HENDRIX cages but one has a screen around the bottom. 

This is a very big bird cage that hangs on a stand and houses an arts & craft pottery bird on a pedestal. Presently, it stands in our entry but just the cage gets used on the mantel pretty often.   

another bird cage     with                         what else?                          Love birds !

wooden dowel stick bird house with a metal lantern inside that serves as a night light.

"Apartment for rent" birdcage ... on the front porch ...
                                            handmade from a large tin food storage can.       
                                                         I believe it is already rented.
   Split bamboo ... not for birds ...

 A large glass and metal house display/cloche that I bought in 2009 to sell on eBay ... never listed and never displayed. 
Cost $15.oo for the frame and $20.00 to have the glass pieces cut. Must find a perfect place to use this.

                                                                               you can see how this wire trash basket was re-purposed to a cloche light HERE.

Hope you enjoyed all my "cloche" displays
or "not a cloche" dome displays !!

When is a cloche not at cloche? 

If not a cloche … maybe it's cloche close enough ... right?

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter ... The Empty Cross

The Empty Cross
Kerrville, Texas

photo by 
John Lavender © 2014

Happy Easter 2014


Check the internet for more information.
This cross is 77'-7" tall and weight 70 tons.

It is still work in progress, but well worth the visit when you visit our City.

Easter Blessings

Audrey Z. 

you will enjoy beautiful life-size sculptures atop this mountain.

for more information click the link below
Texas artist, Max Greiner, best known for his powerful Christian religious sculptures.

Before and After ... repurpose, recyclying, saving.

Before and After ... most of these projects were done when I first started blogging. One even long before that ... heck, I have been doing this just about all my life !!!

My happiness comes when I can re-purpose something, 
save it from the dump and make it beautiful and useful. 

I enjoy working with wood and love to recycle, re-purpose  lamps and lighting fixtures. 

Boards came from our lumber pile ... natural antler drops from the ranch ... no animal was harmed to make this shelf.

The Dedicated House This blog featured at
The Dedicated House.  Thanks Kathryn

Before: Sad metal cart  After with granite top.

Pretty lamp make-over with just a little paint, re-wire and a pretty shade. Easy-peasy ...  

25¢ shop stool before and after ... just look at those pretty legs ... HERE

Display shelf



Sign boards to French numbered stair step display shelf.

This was a challenging project ... watch me make the transformation here.
25¢ Clock                After
                             Make-over can be seen HERE.

Rustic bench made from recycled barn wood from an old house.   


Tutorial can be seen HERE

Before ... 25¢

After can be seen HERE

Sweet ............

AFTER ...                                                           

Wheels ... 
bead board ...
glass drawer pulls ...
painted and distressed too ... 

WOW ...

From this five gallon bucket of reclaimed beaded boards, 
I made ... two WELCOME signs and a clock display shelf. 

Can be see here ... here ... here

This old post lantern had just about served its time ... but a little TLC saved it. Beautiful old wavy glass ... just had to save it.

See how it was done HERE ...

Hope you enjoyed a few  make-overs ... thanks for visiting.

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