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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Solar Chandelier for my Secret Garden

making a solar chandelier ...

Gather up a bunch of lamp parts ...

and some $1.00 solar lights ... 

stack them all together ...
... and you have this. 
(sorry I did not have a better picture)  Pic Monkey helped.

Just a short pause to thank Revi at

for the  feature and the nice compliments on this lamp.

you will need a threaded lamp-cord pipe ...
nuts and toothed (lock) washers ...
check rings in various sizes ...
spacers ...  

some beautiful Valspar peacock spray paint from Lowe's ...


charge up your solar lights in the sun and test them in a dark room to see if they work 

...  add some vintage plastic prisms 

and have Mr. Z. help you hang it in your Secret Garden. 

No secret now ... 

he knows where it is. 

watch the sun sparkle off the prisms and glass  

or ...

enjoy the 

soft glow

 of the 

solar lights 



sun goes 


YES ... I 
have a secret garden ... 
 the butterflies, birds and the deer know where it is ...

watch for reveal coming soon 


... then you will know where it is too !!!

Grape tomatoes never make it to the house ... or 
maybe not even out the garden gate ... yummy !!!

So happy that you stopped by.

       Happy Fall ...
gonna have fresh pumpkin for Thanksgiving pies!

watch for my Secret Garden reveal ...
soon,  I hope !

Hope you will visit these fun parties.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Estate Sale:Today was a GOOD day.

I love to find an Estate sale that has interesting stuff ... good prices and clean.                                  
TODAY was that kind of day !!!
Just look at that like new splint oak basket for 50¢ ...!
Don't know what the spools/rollers are
but they are pretty neat and 50¢ for all six.
Hole goes all the way through.
Research reveal that these are textile spools.

 Cute little cutting board ... likely a brush for hanging wallpaper (25¢) and unusual scissors ... 

I believe this is a display shelf that would have been used in a convenience store.              There is a bracket at the top that may have held a sign.                                           This was reasonable at $15.00.                                                                                 I plan to paint it and use it for towels when we get our bathroom remodel done.

 Nice metal bird bath ... for my daughter. $35.00
I might just restore this one. 

 Step stools or small
ladders are always needed around our house.

Good time-worn condition and a real steal at $2.00. 

Just look at these cool black silhouettes ... thin wood.               
All seven for $5.00.               
Will be used on signs or used for patterns.

Maybe even a pig cutting board pattern ... really primitive.


This old rooster will be perfect for a long awaited project on my to-do list.
 For a sign in a little boy's room.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope you will let me know you were here.

Audrey Z. 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Flags and Fences

Happy Labor Day 

That is some HUGE cedar post ...

... one on each side of the entry

Entry to Johnson Creek RV Resort & Park

 Texas flags line the fence on both sides of the entry. 


Be Safe  and come visit Texas

Thanks for your visit.

Hope you will visit these blogs.

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