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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love and Valentine Greetings Mailbox Planter

Re-posting this Valentine Blog of 2012 
for Throwback-Thursday ... make the old new again party

Valentine decorating is very minimal around my house ... 

but sending you a Happy Valentine rose bouquet in this old re-purposed mailbox made planter. 

 For this staging, I used an old lace curtain to drape over the large antique picture frame that I sprayed ivory. 
So pretty now ... should have taken a before.

 This mailbox did not have a flag, so I cut one out of the round piece that I cut out of the top for the planter pot. Now it is a tiny chalkboard so messages can be written on it, back and front. 

The little puff lace heart that I hung on the flag was made years ago. I used a plastic heart candy container as a mold and shaped lace fabric over each piece; when dry; glued the lace pieces together, covered that seam with lace and ribbon and added roses to the top.  Can't remember what I used for the stiffener, but I was doing cloth sculptures at that time so may have used that. I think diluted white glue could be used.

I wanted the stencils to just be a shadow, so decided on white. I have not done any much successful stenciling, but I was determined to try it. I messed it up a couple of times ... washed it off and tried again. If I had read the direction on the adjustable spray adhesive can, I would not have wasted so much time especially in the clean up.  Said to spay a light coat and let it dry ... my coat was too heavy and did not wait for it to dry, so that was my trouble with too much adhesive on the mailbox. Had to use adhesive cleaner as baby oil did not take the heavy glue off. Anyway, that was time wasted but pretty happy with the way it turned out. The third time I did the hummingbird, I used the disposable black sponge brush and it come out a lot better that with the flat bristle brush. 

 FIVE is my favorite number and the little bird likes it too.
Bird is a sale item from Crafts for $3.99. She is beautiful.

Showing the back .... has a nice large cut-out hole for a plant.
Back side of flag and room for another message. 
XOXO ...
This is the stencil I used on the back ... actually this is where I laid it on the plastic sleeve that it came in and sprayed the adhesive on it. Looks like you could spray the stencil with paint but might be hard to clean off. 

 Products that I used ... (forgot the spray adhesive). I found the Burnett's beauty rub at an Estate Sale for 50¢ and I thought is was for the skin until I read the directions ... mentions everything except skin. Nice and creamy, so will likely be good for the hands too. Love it ... original cost was $7.50 and very little used out of it.

You may have seen this mailbox in my earlier blog on mailboxes re-purposed to planters  HERE

I spray painted it with ivory Krylon and then mixed up some chalk paint adding a little plaster of paris to my last bit of  Krylon Dried Basil paint. (I love this color). I let it dry overnight and then sanded it down to the most desired time-worn look.  

Here it is all spruced up for a nice Valentine greeting.

It needs a live plant, but nothing was available in the Nursery right now.

Valentine Greeting
valentine card compliments of The Graphics Fairy

Thanks for stopping by. 
2805 Potpourri Friday

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