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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas Bluebonnets.Spring 2012

While traveling across Texas, 
you will see highway signs that say
"Don't Mess With Texas"  ... 
like DO NOT litter!!!

When Spring comes and the bluebonnets bloom ... there is a new warning. 

"Don't pick the bluebonnets!"

The terrible Texas drought may not be broken but the wonderful rains have made for a beautiful Spring.

This is FM306 from New Braunsfels to Purgatory Road ... almost to Canyon Lake.
Highway 71 from Austin to Brady

Warning ... 
be very careful where you step, sit or squat.

When Texans say ...
"Don't Pick the Bluebonnets"... they mean it. 

This is a very big Diamond-back rattler.
Not sure this is the safest way to handle a very dangerous snake.

I wanted to share these beautiful photos with you ... courtesy of a friend.   

Hope you enjoyed them.

Audrey Z. 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Thrift Store finds and how I can use them.

Did you see the tour of our new Thrift Store?
Look HERE >>>fun fantastic fabulous Finds

I so enjoyed all the keen decorating ideas. 
Be sure to come back and take a look at the link above. You will enjoy it.
This is what I bought at the Grand Opening. I bought everything here except the yellow wire tray, pink cloth and the live green mums. The folded piece with the lace is the the skirt to a Christening gown, also seen hanging in the background of the next picture.  
Had to have it for $1.00.

  The wicker wrapped bottle is a brown Whiskey bottle and has this unusual metal cap. I really expected a green bottle.
Some of the label is still there.  Cost $8.00. 

The old American Family Scale is just so very nice and the rusty, chippy green paint is perfect for the time-worn look.
It was $15.00. 

The bird nest was $7.00 ... did not come with the bird.

Could not pass this Batten-burg lace table cloth. It is one of the older ones and has some issues, but still just so beautiful, soft and easy to iron. $5.00

The two egg-shaped finials were $1.00 each. Likely for curtain rods.
Only $2.00 for this white pitcher used by 1-800-Flowers. Love the shape and the design around the top. Never can have too many white pitchers.
One thing I regret NOT buying is the metal fence/gate pieces. Went back on Monday and they were gone. I know the rule, "buy it when you see it" ...  but I did not follow the rule. 

With a few additions, I made an Easter display on my dining room table.

Displaying on this yellow wire tray will allow me to easily remove it. I added some lime green mums to enhance the eggs in the nest. Added more eggs ... three tiny clay pots with an egg in each ... three little screen wire nests (actually the little strainers out of  flower sifters) ...   
Would not be an Easter decoration without bunnies ... so had these three grungy ones to add. Sitting atop the scale is another wire strainer filled with "Olde Eggs" and a grungy tag.
  I took the Christening skirt, tucked it deep into the strainer and let the lace edge fall over the edge ... filled it with shredded sheet music and grungy painted wooden eggs.  

Here it is without the lace.
Okay that way too.
What do you think? Do you like with or without the lace in the strainer?

 Added my Rabbit Carrots.

  I am thinking this could be my place setting for the Easter dinner. Pretty green cabbage leaf plate and maybe I will serve some cabbage soup.

The Carrot Bunny will have to find another place to nest.

Thanks for stopping by ... hope you like what I bought. 

Easter Blessings.
Audrey Z.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

fun fantastic fabulous FINDS.NEW Thrift Store Decorating Ideas

 We have a new Thrift Store ... yea  !!! 
and I just had to show it to you.

Some good decorating ideas here.
Fun Fabulous Fantastic Finds  ... 
I love the introduction of the bright happy colors. I was surprised to see the workers just unrolling vinyl to stripe the wall. Owner would not let them use paint.

Let's step inside.
Just to your right is this cute little rabbit to welcome you and explain what FINDS is all about. 
 Proceeds from FINDS support the Kerr County Christian Women's Job Corps 
I added the butterflies ... (so cute)

Then straight ahead is this fabulous colored wall. The flowers mixed in with the Mexico Talavera pottery are tin. The Talavera pottery came from a company going out of business.
(I loaded some pictures smaller because this is photo heavy. 
You can click the pictures to make them larger).

 Now here we see a broad view .... just look at those Fun colors ... makes for happy shoppers ... also nice background music.  This place is crammed, but so well displayed. The back work room is full too. 

 Not all the stuff is old and used ... lots of new stuff donated and some purchased for decorating.

Looking to the left is a long line of display counters with costume jewelry and special china or glass pieces.  AND ... look at the wall above ... isn't that cute? Love the huge rusty wagon wheel rings with rusty nails.  Would be great above a bed.
The light shades are funnel shaped copper, hanging by metal pipes and I think they are handmade by this crew.

One co-partner comes up with the neatest stuff ... she will stop at old farm houses that look interesting and asks if she can look around ... I just know she found these or they came from her ranch.

 Fun hair pieces.

 Oars ... would this look good in your Coastal home above the master bed?

The next six  pictures stretch across a narrow wall above the entry to the second room.

 Most of the stuff I have pictured is for decorations only and most are at the top of the wall near the ceiling.

 The brightly painted wicker rounds are lids off baskets found at a garage sale. Bottoms were not good, but lids were unharmed. What luck to find so many and have the vision to see them ... 'not for what they are but what they can be'. There are many of them dancing across several walls.

 These are two pieces of fence ... I want one? 
$38.00 ... Great chippy/rusty aqua color.

 Love this with the weathered birdhouse ...

Got sidetracked with looking at things I want ... now back to the decorations
For a music room ... Guitar painting and a beat-up horn. I added the notes ... (just had too), but if you use this idea ... 
you could add notes too. 
How about for your boy's room?

 I love how they painted these chairs different colors and used them as shelves and hangers on this large support column. Most of the chairs were one of a kind and in damaged condition.

This corner display appears to be made from window screens.
Now turning the corner to the yellow wall.
Air Horns flower vase.

 These brightly painted saws reflect the colors in the Talavera pottery displayed on the shelves below them. This is so creative.

So  sweet

 Bright red and white umbrellas hanging below vintage water sprinklers. Several of the sprinklers had already been sold when I took this picture.

Hope you enjoyed your trip through this fabulous, fun Thrift Store and find some inspiring ideas for decorating.

I sure did ... I like Primitives and can use some of the ideas in the six pictures on the blue wall.

How about you ... what do you like?

I will show you what I bought in another blog.

Audrey Z. 

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