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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Really not exactly what I expected on Christmas morning.

I remember the days when I would get up early Christmas morning with eagerness to see what Santa had left under the Christmas tree.  

Joyful tree ...  but forgot to take pictures after Santa came.

Well, I did get up early Christmas morning, not to see what Santa had put under the Christmas tree, because I was Santa and knew what was under the tree


I was up early to start preparing food before everyone arrived.  

What I found was not exactly what I was expecting this Christmas morning ... 

As I approached the fireplace to turn on the Christmas lights, I stumbled over something on the floor. I finally reached the remote for the lights and found that our huge Christmas wreath had somehow fallen from the fireplace was laying face up on the floor with the string of lights still attached. 


Now this is a pretty tall fireplace. How it got off that very secure nail and ended face up on the floor; I will never know. 

Lucky that it only took one small snowman down with it. 

Then something was wrong with my camera and this was the best picture I got.  I was beginning to wonder what was going on. 

Is there such a thing as a "Christmas ghost"?
 I got the wreath back together as best I could and put it back in place. Some of the red birds are still misplaced but it looked presentable.

 Love my little antique wagon, bottle brush trees and snowmen.

I think this big Snowman is laughing about all the strange things that have happened this morning or maybe he is just happy that it is Christmas and he gets to come out of the closet. 
 Hope your Christmas was exciting and happy.

Happy New Year too .... 

Audrey Z. 

My $10.00, scrawny little Christmas tree that I have used the last three years is decorated with thrifted and Dollar Tree items. 

More about the scrawny tree can be seen HERE.

Dollar Tree decorations:  
White Reindeer, Red plastic balls, white slinky toys, Joy ornaments. 
Little snow covered bird houses were a Thrift store buy 23 for $5.00 ... new with tags. 

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Treasure hunting ... special Finds for the Holidays

  Torn rag garland ...
all 10-plus YARDS of it ... yes, yards ... and yards ... 
all wrapped around this grapevine wreath ... 
yes, wrapped around and around ... not just on the front!

AND ... there are red, green and gold beads every so often.

Pieces are tied around a 3/8" rope. 
My daughter will wrap her Christmas tree with it. 
Oh, yes ... it was marked $3.00, but was half-price
 Can you imagine how long it took to make this?


Mandeville & King Co. counter top seed display box.
Interesting ... wish the flower seeds packs had been with it. 
$4.00 at an Estate Sale
value ... about $50.00 ... with seeds, about $200.00
(minor crack on lid ... easy fix)

Love the time-worn patina on this old masher. Great to add to my collection. $9.00 ... a little more than I usually pay, but the awesome handle got me.

I do not have a handmade wooden dipper so just could not pass this one up. Looks like it has dipped up a lot of beans. 

vintage Cobbler's bench/stand ... $18.00
Seems rather small for a Cobbler to work on, but looks used.
I think it is a great item and I will display it with some of my Cobbler shoe forms and other wooden ware.

beautiful Pheasant feather wreath.
$12.99 at Goodwill 
Minor repair the the Pheasant wing ... 
... easy fix with petal tips from a pine cone.
...added to our daughter's Pheasant Fall decoration.

Do you think I am using my daughter as an excuse to buy ???

Happy Treasure hunting.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Thanks for stopping by. 
Hope you will say hello while you are here.


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Friday, December 4, 2015

Denim quilt Farmhouse advertising patches

Our son-in-law was saving his worn-out denim pants, saying he was going to make a quilt some day. Well, that was many years ago and I guess he is still saving his denim pants.

In the meantime, I found this beautiful denim patchwork quilt at a craft show and gave it to him for Christmas several years ago. 
 It is extremely well made. Size is about 4' x 6' including the fringe.  
Very heavy even for a lap quilt.
Has great Farmhouse patches. 

Enjoy the pictures ...  

It has denim patches on the back as well. The artist did a great job of using the pockets on the back. 

Notice the fringe edges on the squares. 

Wish I could say I made it ... but that would be a lie ... 

Just wanted to show it to you.

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