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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dryer vent hose Snowy Snowman Tutorial

This little guy came real early and showed up in my Fall mantel decoration. I guess he wanted to hurry Christmas.
He didn't stay there long as he was sent to the workshop to be cloned/copied.

I had visions of decorating my Christmas mantel with white and silver this year. When I saw this little guy at the Thrift for $2.00, I knew he was perfect for my plans. Then I thought he would be so easy to make and share him with others. He is likely an old craft that I have not seen before. 
I went to the Hardware store and bought two sizes of white plastic dryer vent hose. (it only comes in two sizes and is sold by the foot)... very inexpensive/cheap. Three feet of the (2") small at 49¢ a foot and seven feet of the (3") large $1.29 a foot. (wanted some extra here to make a pumpkin)

Scissors and a glue gun were all the tools that I needed.   

I pulled it out and coiled together to determine how much I would need for the bottom piece. I think I used three feet for the bottom and two feet for the middle.
Black lines are the foot marks ... After you determine how much you need ... cut the wire and then cut the plastic back to where you cut the wire. Be careful not to cut past this place. Pull it together and hot glue the two ends together.

Do the middle piece the same way. I had to stretch mine so maybe allow a little more than two feet for this one.
So far ... so good ...
Now for the head ...
Use the smaller vent. I had troubles getting it shaped and glued because it had to be pulled so tight. Tied it in the middle and that helped a little. Gave up and walked away and said "little guy, you will make three pretty pumpkins for next year and I would rather be sawing out my numbers for my display than building a snowman"
So I preceded to do just that.  

I felt really guilty not finishing the snowman, so finally went back to him and stitched his head together. I sprayed him KILZ to cover the black lines and then white paint ... later with flocking snow. The snow just brushed off.
Fast forward to three weeks later ...
I was working with adding snow and glitter to some pumpkins that I had painted and why not do something with Mr. Snowman?? I mixed Epsom Salt and Rainbow snow flakes together ... just a small amount at a time. Did the bottom layer first. Taking one small area at a time ... I sponged on my home made Mod Podge of 4 oz Elmer's glue and 4 0z water and sprinkled the snow mix on him. Put glue on the brim and top of the hat and sprinkle with snow.
And here he is with his rolled felt orange carrot nose; vintage buttons for his eyes and shirt and the beautiful top hat all covered with snow. Oh yes, the animal print scarf. Looks really sharp doesn't he?  Sorry that I threatened to make pumpkins out of him.
(top hat is from the Craft store and cost about $2.00)
Not expensive to make.

 And here he is with his twin.
They will add some fun to my Christmas decorations.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial ...

Christmas Blessing to everyone.
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  1. He's so cute! I made a bunch of the dryer vent pumpkins, and thought about a snowman but thought it wouldn't look right, boy was I wrong! Great job!

  2. cute snow people and love the shabby 25

    barbara jean

  3. Hi Audrey!

    This is such a cute idea! It is very inexpensive and looks easy too. I like the idea of having extra for next years pumpkins.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  4. Your little snowman is so cute and how easy is that. I didn't see the pumpkins.

  5. How adorable!! I've done pumpkins like this but would have never thought of snowmen! Great job!

  6. Well these are the cutest little fella's ever. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  7. What a dapper little snowman! And I'm loving your 25.

  8. Did you really stitch the head or did you glue it like you did the body?

  9. Hi Anonymous. You can glue both head and body pieces together. I just cut the head piece too short and had to stitch it together. Good luck in making yours. They are fun to do.
    Audrey Z.

  10. How big is the hat you used?

  11. I think the snowman is a great idea. Can you tell me the craft store you found the hat? Thanks for the great ideas.

  12. I have found all of the supplies expect I am having trouble finding the white dryer vent hoses. I was wondering what hardware store you found the two different size of the hose. I haven't seen any white in the stores only the foil. I hope you can help. Thanks

  13. AndreaH10 ... you have a no-reply on your email, so unable to reply to you. Dryer vent hose came from an ACE Hardware Store. Do not buy the kit, just buy the white by the foot. I just bought two different sizes today to make pumpkins. It comes in 2",3"and 4" ... this is inside measurements. Good luck.
    Audrey Z.

  14. I made pumpkins a couple of weeks ago, while doing them I thought of doing Snowman, thought I was being original..... Like adding the snow effect

  15. would he be good outside? Who would the rain/snow disturb him? Ideas for the hat, to waterproof it?

  16. hello Anonymous ... you have a no-reply email ... you could spray the hat with a clear sealer to protect it. Rain should not hurt the dryer hose but this decoration is best for inside or a covered area.
    Audrey Z.

  17. Hi, Love you snowmen, so cute. My question is, did you buy the hat or make it, and if so do you have instructions on it?

  18. Hi, I looked at Hobby Lobby & Michaels but couldn't find the hat. Was it a different craft store?

  19. Thank you for sharing!!!! They are adorable!

  20. love your dryer vent snowmen! I've seen the pumpkins but not a snowman. Love it. I fall in love with every snowman I see! Thanks for sharing this and giving us such good directions to make them.


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