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Friday, August 15, 2014

Vintage Clock Case shelf for clocks

It's all in the numbers:

My new local friend and blogging buddy, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction and I shop the same Thrift store ... and showed up at the grand re-opening, #1 and #2 in line.
Both of us were looking at the vintage chairs priced at $8.00 each.

For her, it was love at first sight, but for me, not so much. She wanted two and I could have used four, but with only five chairs ... the numbers did not work out. Over the grumbling of a little old man who wanted all five of them ... with a sweet smile and firm words, she got her two $8.00 chairs. 
see what she did to them HERE...Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction.

I went about looking at another item I had gone there to see. A large number of vintage clocks had been donated by a clock collector ... most of which were pieces or clocks that did not work. I was hoping they had been marked down and they had. I have always wanted to paint one of the old clock cases just for display.  This one was just a case, in fair condition with some missing decorations and old repairs with different woods.  $14.00.

  I had a round flat decoration that I could add to the middle section. The shadow on the wood shows what was there before. This is nothing like what was there, but I thought it would work.

Cleaned it up, painted the back and stenciled numbers.

glued some boards together to make the shelves. 

numbered the shelves ....

painted, stained and waxed ...

perfect to display vintage clocks ... 

add clock keys and a sweet little bird ...

or small silver collections and display with your vintage treasures.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The bird-feeding lamp ... dear oh DEER...I should have known better !

Purging and/or re-purposing ...                                                                   I took this old kinda ugly three arm brass lamp ... removed the wiring and sockets with plans to make a hanging bird-feeding lamp.                                                                     I set it in a heavy resin base from another lamp to work on it. 

Used three aluminum vintage cake pans, drilled holes for drainage and lined them with a piece of wood.   
Attached them to the arms and center post.  Four large feeding trays ... so inviting.                                       Decided to leave it as a table lamp feeder instead of hanging it. 

 Spray painted it gray ........

 set it on the "table" .... and filled each pan with birdseed.
 Next morning ... 

 dear oh DEER ... i should have know better !!!

  I straightened the bent pans ... took everything apart ... turned everything over and hung it in my bird feeding station where it should have been in the first place. The birds love it. The deer can get to it, but not knock it down. 

I guess you noticed that I do not have plants in my pots on the left ... too hot ... too dry and too many hungry deer. 

Thanks for your visit ... hope you will let me know you were here.

Yes, we do have deer in our yard ... every day ...

... our regular family                       ... there are more out of the picture
two sets of twins were added this year.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Leaded and stained glass Church windows in our window

I love architectural salvage ...

no doubt about it.

Update: so happy to have this post featured by:  Vintage Inspiration Link Party Logo

Thanks ladies for a fun and interesting party and for the features.

 In the late 1970's/early 1980's, we moved to San Antonio, Texas. Right off , I found this guy who demolished old buildings.

He had a treasure trove of beautiful architectural pieces.

I thought I was in heaven when I found these three, yes three stained and leaded glass Church windows. 
They came from a Church in Houston, Texas that was built in 1903, if I remember correctly. 

They were complete with beautiful wooden frames and original hinges on each window.

We replaced rotted wood in the bottom part of one of the frames and replaced broken and missing glass. I was lucky enough to have some green stained glass from another church window to replace the parts in the wreath.
The student artist who did the glass work, had some old glass he could use. He said some of the glass was Tiffany-style glass and could have been made by Tiffany, but the windows were not. He was so excited to get to work on this one.
This is the area where the repair work was done. This middle window is not as wide as the other two and the pattern is changed just a little.
We made a 6' wide x 7' tall  x 9" deep room divider using 2' x 6" boards and molding. We painted it ... don't remember what color. We used this divider in our San Antonio and Michigan house.

We added florescent lights in the top of the divider and glass shelves on the back side of the windows. This gave us a view of the windows from both sides. We displayed clear glass and crystal on the shelves. The electric cord for the lights was hidden under the molding. .... this divider is now being used in our workshop to store cans of paint, etc.

  The magnificent candelabra and wreath is beautiful in the full length of the window.

No staging here ... they are mounted in our 6'x6' window behind our TV and floor lamp. We have lights mounted above them and enjoy them at night too. These pictures were taken during the day with natural sunlight behind them. 

You will notice some leading that may run at an angle across the glass or be in a place other than the normal pattern ... this is an old repair where the glass was cracked.                                                                                                                  Each window has eight thin metal bars running across them in several places for stability and protection.                                                              This is the side that would face outward.

All windows are 70" tall, The first and third one is 23½" wide and the middle one is 20" wide. We added spacers to the window to make them fit.

The two outside windows are hinged and can be opened for light or fresh air. They stay closed the majority of the time. The middle one is suspended from the top of the window with hooks.

Hope you enjoyed seeing one of my most treasured thrifting finds.


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