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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Milk Bottle Tote and Aqua Ball Jars

 Several bloggers have used this beautiful arrangement found in Better homes and Gardens as an inspiration and each making it their own with a different twist.
The first one I saw was Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing and I was further inspired.
 I have had my jars for many years and just recently found this wonderful. little bit rusty, metal milk bottle tote at an Estate Sale for $12.50 (a steal) ... the old aqua jars were just perfect for it. My jars are different sizes and not all Mason, but that does not matter. Some have zinc, glass lined lids and some glass lids that lock down. I have tired to create a snowy winter wonderland by adding faux snow, silk paperwhite flowers, snowflakes, snowmen, vintage ornaments, icicles ... and candles to give a warm glow.  
(front ... please click picture to enlarge)

(love the handle)

In the first jar to the left are vintage mercury ball icicles.
The two little snowmen are molded in a vintage candy mold.  I bought these from an eBay seller several years ago. They are very well done. White taper candles fill the third jar. Thank goodness they are dripless because of the slant. The stubby candles are rolled beeswax. Plastic snowflakes are scattered about.

The chunky icicles on the middle jar are from Dollar Store. The Santa and Reindeer ornament on top is vintage. Paperwhites in snow are in the third jar.

The small jar to the right has snow, a bottle brush tree and a vintage mercury snowman.

Notice the glow through the beeswax candles ... lovely !

To complete the vignette;  I added two more vintage ornaments; a round ball and a stand of mercury candles.

This vintage aqua ornament is the same color as the jars. I left the glass lids in the basket as they reflect really well too.

Hope you enjoyed my display of aqua canning jars. I have placed them on my kitchen bar so they can be viewed from both sides. I will add greenery to the base.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Wishing everyone Christmas Blessings.

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  1. Why can;t I ever find something like that? Love how you used it!

  2. I saw that arrangement in BHG too, but I like yours much better. It turned out lovely. I love the little bottle with the bottle brush tree and the snowman.

  3. The aqua, silver and white tones are so pretty together! The vignette looks all the vintage ornaments and snowmen!

  4. Audrey, I love your aqua jar, milk crate vignette! You've created a pretty wintry world with lots of goodies to look at! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is wonderful Audrey! Turned out so pretty and so very festive!

  6. I love what you've done here! You sound like my kind of lady! I'm a new follower and thanks for stopping by and following my site!

  7. Very pretty! I love that color blue for Christmas.

  8. Oh how BEAUTIFUL! Such a great idea.

  9. I'm New at this blogging to Love all your great STUFF !!!

  10. This is my favorite post of yours. Always wondered what to do with my blue jars since the color doesn't lend itself well to the rest of my house, but at Christmas anything goes.


  11. me gusta su blog !! si me permite la seguiré


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