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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Galvanized Antique "eggs to market tray" and more.

I love galvanized metal and here are a few unusual,           and my favorite Galvanized Farmhouse items.

An old water well bucket.
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 Antique "eggs to market tray".
I bought it from a friend several years ago and although admired and loved, I have never used it to decorate with.

Here is a quick staging to show it. 

It is 18" long ... 12¾" wide ... 5¾ deep ... weight 4½ pounds.
Just imagine how heavy it would be full of eggs !!!!!!! 

I think the patent date on it is 1901.

It is a true antique ... my friend was selling her Aunt's estate.
Her Aunt raised chickens and sold her eggs at the Farmer's market. This the tray she carried her "eggs to market" in. 

I think it would pretty to use as an Easter decoration with eggs, chicks and a bunny or two. 

Could be hung on the wall for a shelf.

 Notice how the metal is cut and lapped over to make the handle and that unusual seam joint.

 The red painted metal piece that I used in the background is tin ridge cap ... maybe galvanized. It is two-sided and open at the bottom to straddle the ridge of a barn or house roof. The tall piece would have been at the front edge. The stars, clover and rounds are cut-outs. 

A piece of 2x4 is mounted in the bottom so it will sit on a table. 

 Green apples are so pretty displayed in the old galvanized  chicken feeder. 

The painted white shorter piece of ridge cap is displayed in our garage. It is two-sided and open at the bottom to straddle the roof ridge. 


 This tall, skinny galvanized garbage can serves as a vessel to catch water via our bucket chain downspout and transfer it to the large trees via a hose attached at the bottom. 

Hard to find ... old galvanized apple baskets.
Mine has a rusted bottom and as you can see, part of the handle is missing. The other one is still there. The deer have eaten most of the leaves from my vine.

Almost anywhere you look in our yard, you will see galvanized buckets, wash tubs, watering cans and other galvanized  items. 

The galvanized chicken feeder is now in the house to display green pears for Fall.

Thanks for stopping by ... hope you enjoyed seeing some unusual galvanized metal farmhouse items. 
Audrey Z.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Took a shortcut and look what we found !

We took a shortcut back to the freeway on 
the "Old Fredericksburg Road" and found this lovely place ... all deserted, but still beautiful.

 The large iron gate had many interesting features ... a little bit of rust only added to the charm. 

The fence was made of native Texas stones and honeycomb rocks ... 

and the fence went on forever on both sides of the gate.
I did not see any cracks in the wall. 

They just don't build them like this anymore. 
Some of those stones are HUGE.

(That honeycomb rock at the bottom, looks like a skeleton face).

When I peaked over the fence ...

... this is what I saw and WANTED !!!

... just look at this ... 

... a balcony with French doors
  ... likely off the master bedroom.

and this ...

... those roof tiles and oh my ... that chimney

two old metal chairs under those awesome large oak trees.
... what stories they could tell !!!

I would really love to live there ... (if I were younger).

now you see why I WANTED it.

beautiful house and a wonderful rock fence. 
Glad we took this shortcut. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing this outstanding Texas rock fence. 

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Thanks for the visit ... hope you will say hi. 
Audrey Z. 

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