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Friday, August 31, 2012

Stacked Clay Pots and Saucer Pedestal Planter and Rain Water

Okay, time to do something with this stack of clay pots and saucers that I have been looking at for a few years.

The old chippy white bowl planter is one of my favorites, so decided to put it on a "pedestal". The chippy paint was a keeper so had to try to match the base.

I stacked the four pieces together and got out my favorite glues. 527 and E-6000.

I chose to use the E-6000 because I had read good reviews on it. 527 is very good too. I use these old worn-out paint brushes for dusting off the cob-webs and dirt..

I worked around with paint colors that I saw in the bowl, mainly wanted some yellow and terracotta color to show.
When I put the dark wax on, it pulled most of the white paint, but it looked okay, so just went with it.
I am pleased with how it turned out.

 I filled it with some small plants that I dug up out of the yard and a couple begonia plants I had just bought. Rich soil came from my compost pile.

We had just installed two black 65 gallon water collection tanks behind our house in the area of the patio and back porch. You can see RAIN WATER stamped on the tank just under my watermark. There was a gap between the two where we connected them together and this was a perfect spot for this pedestal planter. 

This old galvanized bucket with the red handle is so handy to get water from the tanks to water the plants. Plants love rainwater and have grown very nicely. Sometimes I use the old sprinkler can.

The water collection tanks have two faucets where we can either get water by connecting a hose or an higher one for using a bucket. 

We got 1/8" of rain and we collected 29" of water in this one 65 gallon tank. This is coming off one small area of the roof on the house. 
This is amazing.

We have added to our rainwater catchment system this year and I plan to do a blog on it.  

SO ... let it Rain !!! 

This watered several plants. 
Are you harvesting the precious rain water ?

Thanks for the Visit ... hope you are inspired. 

Audrey Z. 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#3 Washtub and Memories

Old washtubs bring back so many memories ... the old ringer washers; tubs full of rinse water and clothes hanging on the line. 

After the wash was finished, we used the water to water trees. We had the best peach tree ever. One time, my older sister bent over and got her long hair caught in the ringer on the washer. 
I love them and have several in my yard. I use them to catch rain water and for plants. This one has such great patina and very aged original labels.

I think this is the first #3 tub that I have found ... 
This old wheel barrow turned planter, has been sitting empty all year in the other end of this planter bed, hidden behind the propane tank; so I rolled it up in front of the birdbath where it could be seen from the back porch.

I borrowed pot plants from other areas and sat them in the tub. I have some custom made aluminum planter boxes for it and hope to get them planted with mums for the Fall season.
Anyway, along comes one of our squirrel friends to get a drink of water and seems to say ...
"what the heck is that thing was doing here".
He approves and will just lie there and enjoy ...
 but nothing to eat there. 
He has enjoyed stealing all our green pecans.
Maybe he has a tummy ache. 

Time to leave now and go climb the pecan tree.

All the grassy stuff is chives that have taken over the bed. In the background in front of the shop; the chives are blooming, but not in this bed yet. Last year, we dug a lot of them out, but there is no getting rid of them.

I bought the tub as an Estate Sale for $18.00 ... maybe a little out of my budget for wash tubs, but it has a great look. I don't know if the dark places are rust or paint ... I am thinking rust, but not damaged as yet. 

I am enjoying it very much and it looks so nice in front of the bird bath. 

Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty and the Beast. Wood Toolbox and Lace

"Beauty and the Beast" ... featured .....
Knick of Time Interiors Knick of Time Interiors
Thanks Angie ... I am really honored. 

 The BEAST ...........
This "beast" was part of my Fab Finds for $14.00 and can be seen here ...

This old caution-orange toolbox tote is the "beast" ... the orange just did not want to go away. 
I sanded it down a little, painted it with a light gray paint ... (Olympic)
the orange still wanted to shine ... a second coat got it covered ... light sanding ... here comes the orange again. Would not take stain, not even shoe dye!

 Sooooooo, I tried to "kill" it with KILZ ... that worked ... more gray paint ... light sanded, orange still showing. Just would not go away. 

 Decided to just live with it and stripe it back and front and let it be rustic ...

NOPE ... pretty ugly. 
see it ... the ORANGE under the handle !!!

 Then I spied this sample can of Summer 2012 Valspar paint I bought at Lowe's and decided to turn this "Beast" into a "Beauty" with a little Bling.  
HAPPY ... YES !!!
Stenciling and a little "Bling" qualified it as a "beauty" to be staged with this beautiful, vintage, lacy oval tablecloth that I bought at an Estate Sale for $15.00. 
It is 114" long and 70" wide.
A rhinestone button, a lace bow, an old lace handkerchief, a dollie and an antique picture of a beautiful young lady was a nice addition.  
The small crystal bowl of mother-of-pearl buttons and a shell just add to the soft, vintage feel. 

Draping the tablecloth as a backdrop for this vignette ... oh my, what a beauty !!

 Stencils both ends and both sides.

 Hope you enjoyed the make-over of turning this "beast" into a "beauty" ...

Thanks for the visit ... I appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Audrey Z.  

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