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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Repurposed mailboxes to planters

Mailboxes are great for more than just receiving mail.(Some pictures were taken long before I even heard about blogging.)

We converted our wood fireplace to gas so we no longer needed the rack where we stored our firewood, so I turned it into my potting shed or "playhouse". Just in front of this and under the eave of our workshop, was a big black rainwater catchment tank (seen behind fence) and not a pretty view when sitting in my "playhouse". 
 I took this piece of picket fence that I had bought for no reason and built a landscaped area to hide the tank. Now I have a pretty view with my very own mailbox; a shelf for birds and birdhouse and a little pond for the frogs. The mailbox on top of the post has a cascading plant in the top and also one in the open door area.

The pond below is a re purposed cast iron kitchen sink and the fountain was made from an artists metal sculpture.

The second mailbox with a potted plant in the cut-out and a bird's nest in the open door sits on top an old rusty milk can in another landscaped area. My collection of spades lean against the post just waiting for someone to dig up the garden. The wind turbine in the background is an enjoyable whirly-gig when the wind is blowing.

This is how to make the mailbox planter. This one I am demonstrating is my favorite because it has the U.S. Mail flap on the little door. These are hard to find.

Cut the rim off a plastic plant pot ... lay it on top the mailbox, center it and mash it down to draw the circle for a cutting guide.

 I used my electric jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade for cutting metal. First drill a large enough hole inside the circle for the blade so you can set the saw guide down on the mailbox. Have two blades on hand, because they are easy to break. Go slow and don't pressure the blade as it might break. I know that ... but I broke my blade and did not have another one and had to finish cutting the last three inches with a hand saw. (Slow) ... Protect your eyes from bits of flying metal. Rough edges can be filed down.
Once cut, you are ready to paint and decorate your box.
Get a plastic pot that is flexible and push it down into the opening or use a plant already potted. Paint it the color of your mailbox and it will blend right in. This mailbox that I am showing will be painted and decorated with a number 5 ... just because I like that number.


 Thanks for visiting ... hope you enjoyed my mailboxes
and I will get a note from you.

Looking forward to a good year for green grass and pretty flowers.


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Re purposed mailboxes to planters.


  1. Okay, so now I'm looking for a mailbox! Thanks for the idea Audrey. ~ Maureen

  2. Another cute idea and proves, don't ever ever get rid of anything!


  3. Oh it's so fun to find another person who loves filling their garden with unusual and antique treasures. Your mailbox is such a fun idea. I also like your collection of spades. I collect old garden tools, but only have one spade. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, I love your mailboxes and the other antiques you use in your gardens. I will be on the lookout for a mailbox now. I have a couple of old cream cans.

  5. I like the mailbox planter, but i love the entire space! One of these days when the inside of the house is done and the weather warms up i will use this for inspiration for the yard!

  6. Another cute idea! I'm passing on a blog award to you:

  7. So cute! You have the beat ideas! I was reading your wax paper transfer too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours!

  8. Hi Audrey,

    You are so amazing! I love your ideas and your outside spaces are wonderful!!! Your mailbox turned planter looks adorable. I love the pond you made for the frogs. The birdhouse and birds are just the right finishing touch.


  9. So cute! I love using old mailboxes for decorating outside, I saved both my Families old mailboxes and use them outside. I used one in my outside Christmas display. Love you blog!

  10. Aren't those darling! I love the one with the birds nest in the door especially! I also wish my plants did as well as yours.

  11. Re-purposing the mailbox as a planter was a stroke of genius. It is just gorgeous! I'd like to invite you to link it to WIW and share with us, too! Hope you can make it!

  12. Thanks so much for linking, we loved having you.
    Hope to see you again this week!
    Big hugs,


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