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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Estate finds.Shabby Ceiling Light to Chic Table Lamp

  Last week when I went junking to Estate Sales ... 
I came home with these items.

A wonderful old cutting board, $3.00; large textile spool, $5.00; a beautiful green wine bottle with a wooden screw-on cap, $1.00; (hidden behind spool) ... three large brown glass bottles believed to be old snuff  bottles, $1.00 each; wonderful large rolling pin with black handles, $3.50; shabby ceiling light, $9.00 and this huge fence stretcher, $3.00, (at least, I think that is what it is), oh yes, this cute little wheel with a hard rubber tire for $2.50. These came from three different Estate sales and all fit well within and below what I would have expected to pay.

Now what am I to do with all this tacky light?
Well, I planned to make this bare bulb ceiling light fixture into a table lamp and I had just the perfect antique shades for it.
(Imagine it hanging up-side-down) 
I am still working how to use the big old metal fence stretcher. Likely will end up on one of the kid's ranches.
(I did not put it in this vignette as it was better without it)

Cutting board and rolling pen are usable but also make a nice display. Old spool for a candle and the little wheel will be enjoyed where ever it is displayed.
The brown bottles will make nice vases to display with my other brown bottle collection.

The green bottle to display my forced bloom of a peach limb.

Here is my Vignette ... 
 For right now, I used all this stuff set up this vignette and I like it pretty much. I added the little plant and white bird.

 I save the string I pull out of burlap when making a fringe and that is what I tied around the bottle necks. 

This Blog really is all about making the tacky ceiling light into a beautiful table lamp.
Before .... 
 After ...
Things that needed to be done: 

1. Love shabby chippy paint, but this was just not pretty and 
needed to be stripped and painted to match up with the base. 
The sockets were bent and actually too big for the light or at least the lamp I wanted to make.

 2. The wiring had to be changed. There was not much room at the bottom of the fixture for the junction of wires, so this had to be figured out.

3. Had to find a suitable base. 

    After I took it apart, I decided to change the sockets to the small candle style and also change the bobchetes and add crystal prisms.
I have been restoring lamps and lighting fixtures for a lot of years, so had all the parts that I needed.

Now for the shade ... 

 Small antique silk shades that I had originally planned to use but thinking they may be better on single candle lamps.
Then I found these in my closet when I went to get the little shades. Wow ... much better ... and only cost $3.00.

Yesterday, when out shopping, I found these shades which I thought would be perfect and I paid $6.00 for them. I like the shape  .. nice shades, but maybe a little too tailored.

What do you think ???  Tell me which one you like.

I like all of these, but leaning toward the ones with the little red prisms and eyelash fringe. 

These look pretty cute ...

  More tailored look ...

Would love your opinion .......

Blessings ... Audrey Z.
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  1. Audrey, you never cease to amaze me, with all your clever ideas. The lamp is beautiful. I like all the shades, but my favorite is the one with the red prisms and eyelash fringe.
    Blessings, Barb

  2. My wife and I love looking at your blog together. We go antiquing all the time!

  3. Wow, your lamp is beautiful! Your entire vignette is fabulous!!! Blessings!

  4. Love all of the stuff you found. And the lamp looks wonderful.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.... can't wait to take a longer look around!


  5. Love your vignette with all your finds. very creative.
    lamp shades???
    cannot decide, except probably gold ones my least fave for there. =)

    barbara jean

  6. Audrey Audrey Audrey! You are just so clever my friend. Love this. thanks for sharing with my newbie party. have fun!

  7. That is great stuff and fast work. Love it all.

  8. Hi Audrey,
    You found amazing things at incredible prices. I really like how you styled your finds!
    Mary Alice

  9. What beautiful finds. I really like the more tailored shades, the red without the fringe. I really like what you did with the bottles. They look so pretty in row like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Well, I was shopping your stuff and at first I wanted the stretcher thing, then I decided the snuff bottles, then when I saw the blue jar with the tree branch I decided that was what I would bring home from your treasures.


  11. I want to go shopping with you! You always come home with the neatest items! Fabulous the way you used them all in one vignette! The light fixture turned beautiful lamp is brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday! You always contribute something special!

  12. You can take someone junk and make it beautiful table top. I can't believe the talent you have and the ability to make just brown jar in to something special. You are a special person and I am so glad that you share your world with all. You are the grandest teacher. I am so proud of You and all that you do. You are a very special Lady.

  13. I love everything in this post! The brown bottles really tickled my fancy but the lamp is to die for and I would take any one of those gorgeous shades!! I love all the various looks with the different shades!!

    Great post that I thoroughly enjoyed!


  14. this lamp is fantastic. Great job I love the changes and the lamp.

  15. You did it again! You are featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  16. Wow...are you good!!! the lamp is all the shades and would have fun just changing them now and then..I have to follow you as you have some major talent..

  17. Audrey- you are really a talented lady! Changing that fixture into a gorgeous lamp was sheer genius. I luv the first shade look and I think the bobeches and prisms add some pretty bling. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    :-) Sue

  18. oh my - I love that vignette of 'finds'. As for the shades - I like the fringe ones and the tailored ones. I think it depends on the style of the room you're using them in - not the fixture itself. You did an amazing job here!

  19. I just found your blog and it is wonderful!! I can't wait to look at your posts.I'm your new linky follower.


  20. As always, your inventiveness and artistry continue to shine. I like the shades with the stringy bits handing down. They all look good but those have more humour. Thanks for visiting to day and commenting. Great vignette (well several in the making and the final one). Love reading your blog.

  21. I'm tellin' you...that lamp is just toooo cute. I LOVE IT....what a great job and any one of the shades will be perfect.

  22. ooo, and thanks for following me. I am signing up to follow you right back and maybe we can meet in the middle and you can hand over this lamp. !!

  23. Hi Audrey!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you just left on my mirror and I cannot get over how fantastic this transformation is. Your "new" light is amazing and I am so impressed!! :-) I also just scrolled down and realized that you linked up your clever cloche idea to our party last weekend and we didn't make it around to commenting, but we hope you know how much we appreciate you joining in and we look forward to seeing lots more of you! Thanks again!

  24. Hmmm, I was torn between the second and third set of shades...but, seeing how lovely the third set looks in your vignette, they got my vote.
    Any advice on where to find a great steal of a deal on a chandelier? My daughter wants a black chandelier for her bedroom...I'm willing to paint and glam it up, just not willing to spend much money.
    Oh, I also wanted to mention that your lamp looks like something from an upscale home decor shop. Nice transformation.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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