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Friday, October 19, 2012

Menu Chalk Board.Strawberry Jam and Fresh Bread

The perfect frame for a Menu board ... 
long and narrow ............ 
I got the Menu graphic from GraphicFairy... reversed it; printed it out on wax paper and transferred it to the Masonite board I had painted for this frame. I taped it off and painted the top section white and the rest in chalkboard. The small beaded trim around the frame was also painted black. 
The back was finished off with heavy brown paper. 

My daughter stopped by with her friend and her friend bought the Menu board even before I was finished with it.  

She sent me picture of it in her home. 
Thanks Donna  
LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing better than 'fresh bread and her homemade strawberry jam'.

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Audrey Z.    

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  1. Hi Audrey-- Looks like spam the comment before mine.
    Anyway-- That little menu board is cute as can be. Glad you were able to sell it. Do you makeover stuff to sell?
    I was unaware if you did or not. The other thing is...I bought some spray glue to try and make a transfer on freezer paper. I haven't done it yet. What method do you use?

    you can email me, Pat

  2. I haven't tried the freezer paper transfer yet but it's faster than the Modpodge one so I better give it a try. That's funny that you sold the piece before you even finished it! It's really cute and so nice that she is giving it to her daughter. ~ Maureen

  3. I have never tried the graphics transfer Audrey. I see yours turned out beautifully. Do you have any tips? Did you seal the word "menu"?

  4. Great piece Audrey! Love the Menu graphic. So true, nothing quite like homemade bread and jam.

  5. Ohhhh...I remember that day so well, when I saw that piece, I knew I wanted it for my daughter! and yes, I did actually give it to her and it hangs proudly in her kitchen!!


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