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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dug-out Wooden Trough Fall Table decoration

This old 4" x 8" x 42" piece of cedar board has been exposed to the outside elements for several years, maybe even fifteen. It was, at one time, destined to be a garden bench.



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Thanks ladies ..................................

This year, my goal was to clean out my collection of wood ... 
either use it or toss it. 
I tossed a lot ... 
 ... really, I did ... but 
I have also been trying to use what I can.

Mr Z. likes to carve so I took this to the workshop and ask him to carve out the middle and make a trough. 

Duh, do WHAT ... how?  This is not his idea of 'carving'.

Together, we worked out a plan ... 

Mr. Z. sanded the top so he could mark the cut lines.

Now keep in mind that we did not have the proper tools to carve out the center, so we used what we had and did what we could.

We used a Skilsaw to make deep cuts in the drawn-off area. 
A narrow board was used as a guide for the saw.
 We used a jig saw to cut across the two ends.

This was not easy, but we sure created a lot of sawdust. Cuts were not even, nor on the lines, but we got it where we could break the pieces out.

We used several different tools ... chisels ... pry bar .. hammers and was able to break the pieces out.

Not every piece broke even at the bottom, but that will not be an issue and it will always have something in it. We had to chisel-out the wood in the ends where we were not able to get the jig saw in there that deep.

I am sure there is an easier way to do it with the correct tool. 
It did not take us long to get all the pieces out.

 I loved how the wood had aged so I just cleaned it a little and left it natural.
It could be oiled, but for now, I like it like it is.

I wanted to keep it simple ... so not to distract from the character of the time-worn wood, so just piled it full of faux apples ... yep ... took a lot of apples, but they were almost free ... recycled from several wreaths that were discarded.

I thought it looked pretty nice. 

I am using my Welch Hutch in the entry for display. 
The colorful leaves under the trough were bought at Dollar Store last year and they are so nice. 

But then I thought I would try these cute aged resin pumpkins I bought at Dollar Tree Store for $1.00 each.  They were bought to be used to decorate tables for a luncheon ... which didn't happen.

They looked okay ... but just needed something ... height maybe and some softness.
Love all the wood showing ...

Soooo ... I took my chicken wire cloche I made out of a lamp shade frame (see HERE) to use for height ... placed a carved wooden pumpkin in it which I stole off the front porch ...
and for softness, I borrowed three faux hydrangea out of my Fall table decoration seen HERE

Keeping the color tones the same looked really good.

Love how the ends weathered over the years.

Looks good with burlap too ... this is landscaping burlap from Lowe's or Home Depot.
Soft and easy to work with.

This end had a little rotted wood from standing on the ground so long.
Just more character to enjoy.

Several knot-holes which add to the character. 

Making it pretty ... 

Hope you enjoyed this little project ... just one more thing re-purposed to a good use. 

Your comments make me happy.

Which display do you like the best ?

Apples ??
Just Pumpkins  ??
Pumpkins with softness and height ??

I can even use it outside with my cement Fall decorations.
This project can be seen HERE.


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  1. I love both ideas. I love the way you used it outside too. Probably because I love that cement pumpkin so much.

  2. Love them both...great vignettes!

  3. I'm leaning toward the apples but everything looks great in that trough. That was a huge amount of work but so worth it for such a unique display piece!

  4. Your designs are so fabulous! I really like how you made that trough! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  5. This is fabulous! I absolutely love it! :-D

  6. That took a little bit of work. but it was worth it. Makes a great display piece.
    The Honey would have tossed it into the burn pile before I ever had a chance. Love how it turned out.

  7. you guys did great, this is awe-some!! I'll be featuring this post on Be Inspired this week!

  8. Wow, this really is a wow! I love how that turned out. This will be featured tonight.

  9. Wow Audrey, this is amazing! It's such an awesome piece that I love it any way you use it. All three look nice! I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  10. Wow, Audrey - it turned out marvelously! Love it - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  12. They are all gorgeous so you can't go wrong with any you choose. That wood is the best. I would love to have something just like that are very similar.

  13. Audrey I am featuring this today at Home Sweet Home!

  14. Audrey...this is rustic and simple. Your fall arrangement elements look so lovey in it! I did a post on those little Dollar Store pumpkins...I love them and was so glad I found them....they are quite popular!


  15. Well Audrey, it looks like I totally agree with the other hostesses of blog parties you joined with this post, I love it and featured it on TTG FB page today! thank you for sharing with us at TTF!

  16. love that darn trough...and I especially love it outside, but that is probably because I just love how pretty your yard is :)

  17. Love it! and all the ways you've used, everything looks just Beautiful! You and the Mr. sure make a great pair!

  18. I am Yours new foolower. Your blog is evrything I wish.Great job ! I love rustic wood .I have some wood like You and inspireting me to get Nature wooden box for decoration.THANKS! kiss from Serbia


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