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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The story of the Sad ... Scraggly ... Skinny Little Christmas Tree

First of all, I want to wish everyone a 
Blessed and Happy Christmas

Like everyone else ... I am way behind in getting ready for Christmas but I wanted you to see my sad ... scraggly ... skinny, little Christmas tree ... 

I know how busy you are and don't have or want to take time to read a long story of how the Grinch (Plumbers) stole my Christmas decorating time ... in short whole-house re-plumbing, wall repairs and re-decorating. (More on that later) ... but maybe you can quickly scroll through.

Picture overload ...

I just did not have time to dig out all the stuff to decorate our large Christmas tree, let alone time to pack everything away after Christmas.  

I told my daughter that no one pays attention to the tree anyway ... 
she said I DO !!! and sounded so disappointed, that I just had to do something. 

Bad knees would keep me off the ladder so I could not put up the nine foot tree 
that I have in the attic. 

... so off to the Thrift store to find a small tree ...

Well, I found this one on sale for $10.00 ...

  a little scrawny ... unstable on her feet ... missing a few limbs ... well, maybe a lot of limbs. 

So ... we attached the top to the middle section as best we could, actually put a screw in it ... pulled and tugged on the limbs to straighten ... took her in the house and started adding lights.
Bought two additional strings of lights. $7.00

 I had some limbs from another tree ... nothing like what was on her, but stuck them in the bare spots to give her some shape ...
I usually do a traditional tree with lots of antique ornaments ... so, not wanting to or having time to get out all the old ornaments, I decided to do a simple decoration without ornaments. 

 Our normal traditional tree.

I told my daughter I had bought a ugly little tree and did not know how in the world I would be able to decorated it. 

She replied ... you will make it look beautiful ... so I HAD to.

You have seen the before ... and here is the after ... 
all fattened up, taller and pretty.

I had bought ten, two for a dollar, gold glitter reindeer from Dollar Tree Store to make a garland.
Pretty ... yes !  $5.00  

I decided not to make the garland but use the deer on the tree ...
and painted them Dover white ... 

Years ago, I dismantled a pip-berry garland and had a lot of red berry picks that would help reshape her.  I was trying to make her fatter and ragged.
That is a rusty metal bow I used as a topper because there was not much up there to hold a star. 
I added the three white birds from the Dollar Tree Store and some bunches of berries I had on hand.

I also bought two Magic Springs ... and since I like to put something on the coffee table for the grandsons to pick up and examine (play with) ... I decided these Magic Springs (slinky) might be fun.  Hey, they are in college, but they still like fun things.
(Last year, I put a lot of old metal toys on the coffee table and that was a lot of fun.) 
Well, actually these were toys they had played with when they were young. 

I was playing with the silver magic spring and stretched it out and it made a very interesting garland. 
See the curly white loops throughout the tree ... that is the Magic Springs with sparkle.  

Ten Reindeer were not enough ... so sent Mr. Z. to get ten more and one more silver slinky.
Two silver Magic Springs (slinky) 

She wears this pretty, white, vintage half-slip or petticoat for a skirt.

She wears and antique mercury glass tree topper for her crown. 
I left the rusty metal bow there. 

 At the base of the tree is my cute little snowman with his antique wagon full of yarn snowballs. 
I think he plans to make himself a snow-woman.

Snowman $15.00

I glued some white, lighted twigs I bought several years ago to a piece of picket fence from the yard.

So cute ... LOVE that bent carrot nose topped with snow.

 A Santa helper ... my antique bear sits atop a large wood carved horse that is behind the tree.

 I made a candle ring with a small slinky so I will challenge the Grandsons to see what Magic thing they can create with the large slinky.
2 small Magic springs slinky ... $1.00

(are you keeping track of the dollars spent?)

HAVE FUN ... Enjoy Christmas 

All the presents are MINE ... yes ... really!!! 
It's my birthday too.

Sorry, my tree looks a little blurry ... not much light in our living room.

Thanks for staying with me with this long post ... hope you enjoyed it and will let me know you visited.
$10.00... tree
$10.00... 20 deer
$3.00...  3 birds
$7.00...  lights
$15.00... snowman
$2.00...  slinky garland
$1.00...  2 small slinky  (one for candle holder)

Total:  $48.00   ... not bad !
What do you think?

God Bless ...
Audrey Z.


  1. It may have started out sad, but it looks beautiful now! I love your Slinky idea - it looks so pretty on the tree!

  2. You did an amazing job. That tree looks beautiful. You were very creative with your decorating. Thanks for sharing.

  3. For not feeling up to, or likely bad knees on the ladder....I think you did ONE MARVELOUS job. I love the idea of the slinky toy as a garland wrap.

    Merry Christmas --- your daughter is gonna LOVE this tree.

  4. You took that tree from pretty sad to totally awesome...and at a bargain price to boot! So glad I saw your tree on your blog!

  5. Your daughter was did make it beautiful! I love the reindeer and the slinky garland! I always love to see your creative work!

  6. A lovely post you are so creative and know how to have fun. I noticed your stain glass windows and the beautiful woodwork in your living room perhaps a post ? Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

  7. I know all the house issues you have had and I am totally amazed what you did for a few dollars. That little tree just needed a little loving and you gave it to her. Love the reindeer and Dover white is one of my favorite colors - I always paint my kitchen that color. Way to go, Audrey! Merry Christmas!

  8. Happy Birthday MOM. You are the greatest. You could take a rusted can and make it something wonderful. You are such a talent woman and I as so glad you are my Mom. It is is beautiful Birthday tree. I love you

  9. No longer sad. Your tree is beautiful.

  10. Amazing how you can create such a lot of beauty! I love the vintage petticoat for the tree skirt and what fun with the slinky toys! I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and a very Happy Birthday to you! (What did you receive in those boxes?} Nancy

    1. I asked Santa (Mr.Z.) ... for a palm sander OR a finishing gun. I think I got both. He is such a good Santa.

  11. I love your tree Audrey and I love the slinky idea. How clever of you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. HOLLY COW....Audrey...this is did a fantastic job and your daughter was DID make it beautiful.
    I love those white deer....and who would have ever thought Slinky toys could look soooo adorable. hahhaa....gotta love it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  13. Oh my goodness Audrey, everything is amazing!! That whole corner with the stained glass windows behind it is just beautiful. The slinkies were a brilliant idea. Love the snow and all of it!

  14. your charlie brown tree is fabulous!--so clever! love the snowman and lighted fence, too! and your stained glass windows and teddy and horse are gorgeous!

  15. She's gorgeous!!!! A "silk purse out of a sow's ear"! I've bought thrifted Christmas trees also, but I'm not a talented as you in transforming one into the Belle of the Christmas Ball. Just pure sweetness! <3


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