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Monday, March 17, 2014

Wire Trash Basket Cloche Light

This old wire trash basket that is so lightweight it was always getting knocked over and getting bent.
It likely came from the Dollar Store, but I bought it for 25¢.

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now back to the story ....

I was so inspired by the wire basket cloche that
Ellie of The Lavender Tub made, I decided to do this before my little basket got too beat up. I forgot to take a picture with it right-side-up.   Hop on over and see Ellie's beautiful cloche.

 Ellie used a glass cloche to shape her wire basket, but not having a glass cloche, I just shaped mine by hand.
Took my wire cutters and cut the bottom off. 

Then squeezed the little wire triangles together ... just kept working all round and lower until I got the size and shape at the top that I wanted. You can use the help of needle-nose pliers to pull the triangles together if your fingers are not strong enough.  
Just thin wire with a coating.

   I took this finial off this piece that was part of a lantern ... hope I don't find the bottom part one day and wish I had the finial back.  

I fitted the squeezed wire to this finial, about 3½" opening. then took some fine beading wire and laced it through to secure the shape.

then I placed the finial over the wire ...

and using a flat washer-like piece that fit the opening, locking the wire in the finial; then tied it all together with a piece of lamp cord pipe.

... but I could not stop there ... I decided  to light it up and added a light socket.

... it would make a nice "chicken-wire" cloche light ...not really chicken wire ... but let's pretend.   
Much easier to work with than chicken wire.

I sprayed the socket gray so it would blend better. 
Added electric wiring and  

... now I can light up my displays.

Add a chain and hang it as a pendent lamp or install as a fixed ceiling light.  This is a vintage-look Edison light bulb and looks great. (Does not show up very well in the photo but it does look good in real life).

Thanks for stopping by ... hope this inspires you to repurpose something you have and make something pretty.

Please let me know you visited.

Happy Spring 

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  1. This is way too cute. I love it. What a creative idea. Hugs, Marty

  2. Audrey, you are so talented. I love the way that turned out!!

  3. Oh my gosh - this is incredible !!!
    And it lights up - how amazing - I'm pinning this for sure!

  4. Wow, Audrey, this is a great piece of repurposing. Love the wire cloche idea and then you took it a step further and turned it into a pendant. Very creative for a quarter.

  5. Great idea!! Love the two looks - but that poor little bunny looks a bit frightened! Get him a carrot!!

  6. Wow, you're ambitious - and that looks great! Nice job. :-)

  7. Omigosh Audrey! That is BRILLIANT! pun intended...

    You are so clever!

    Fabulous project!!! xox

  8. Very cute, Audrey. Glad you liked my idea, and I like what you did with it!

  9. Audrey!
    This is adorable! I love the cloche. I love the industrial lighting.
    So clever and a good job!

  10. This would have been wonderful already as just a cloche but with the light it's totally awesome! I love it!

  11. LOVE this! Especially with the "old" light bulb and hanging! So cute! I've been wanting to make something sort of like this for my entryway!

  12. This is such a neat idea for a it! Thanks for sharing it at my party.


  13. Was just at the craft store and saw something that looked just like this. There price was $29.99. You did much better with something old that was not needed any more. Good for you. Cant wait to see what you do next.
    You are so talented.
    Ms Kathie aka dishgal

  14. Wow what a creative idea! Adding the light fixture was a really a great idea! You could put a chain on the top and hang it too!

  15. Now aren't you smart/ Yes you are
    That looks wonderful, I want one LOL

  16. That is really clever! What an imagination that you have! I like the one sitting on the little stand with the decoration inside it best. Nancy

  17. Wow, Audrey, this is absolutely so clever and totally charming!

  18. Audrey, You did such a wonderful job on repurposing this! It looks amazing, and I'm loving that you inserted a light! How unique!! I think this may be the most fabulous cloche in all of blogland!! Just WOW!!!

  19. What a great project Audrey! I love to re-purpose things and make them treasures! Thanks for visiting my blog! I always like meeting new friends. Blessings, Cindy

  20. Oh Audrey, you are GOOD!!! This is so awesome!
    Mary Alice

  21. this is just fabulous, audrey! love that you added the light to it! have a great sunday!

  22. I love your is fantastic! I am a new follower!

  23. Wow! So very cute! Congrats for being featured over at "A STroll Thru Life"...that's where I found you!

  24. Awesome makeover! This baby is going to be featured at Revisionary Life tonight, Audrey. :)

  25. This is awesome! Love it!

    We would love for you to come and link up with us at Your Designs This Time, Mondays 8:00am EST. htttp://


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