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Friday, August 8, 2014

Thrifty finds...changing the mantel.bottles.birds and balance

Changing the Mantel ... 

I love my green bottles and needed something light, airy and cool looking for the mantel because it is just so hot and dry right now. 

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Thanks Revi ... such an honor... 
if you have not visited Revi at Revisionary Life please take a minute to do so. Small but fun party.

Not lucky enough to have fresh flowers to display, so silk will do.

 This is a tall fireplace so this piece of decorative fence works really well to draw the eye up and add height in the center.

The pretty little bird always seem to find a place on the mantel. Here he sits atop a fragment from the bottom of a cement bird bath. I thought it was interesting and just could not discard it. 
The darkness of the beautiful antique frame anchors this center section.

 The concrete yard art that I made (here) complements the two cement birds and the cement fragment. 
 The split bamboo bird cage has been around for a long time and just sits around waiting to be used somewhere.

Night shot ... a string of white lights is needed for an otherwise dark fireplace. 

90% of the items used in this decoration were thrifted. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I was waiting for this post! Love the green accents and would like to steal the fence piece. Great repurpose for the concrete artifact. I know I will have to go save my great-grandmother's birdbath from my mother before she tosses it. I would love to sit and stare at the mantel.This was well-worth staying up past my bedtime!

  2. The mantle looks lovely. The green glass is amazing with the pretty garden accents.

  3. Gorgeous....the colors, the lights, the decor. You do have a knack for decorating and filled with wonderful ideas.

  4. Audrey, this is lovely! Love the green glass bottles & fence :)
    Blessings, Cecilia

  5. Thanks for the inspiration sharing with us.

  6. This looks so wonderful. Very nice adding the green glass and the concrete art together with the wrought iron work!
    I'm still looking for just the right piece to go behind my wood stove. :)
    you've got the knack for decorating a mantel!

  7. Lovely elements on your mantle! Love the beautiful mix of greens!

  8. I just love that decorative fence!! I imagine that you can use it in so many places! We have had a little rain but the ground still seems dry. Seems hot to me too but maybe it wouldn't seem so to others. I like the temperature about 75 degrees!! Nancy

  9. Your mantle looks so lovely Audrey. That fence piece is amazing, and I love all the green bottles. The glass works so well with the rustic concrete items. Love that you added lights. It's so pretty.

  10. Your mantel looks great, Audrey! You know I love the green bottles you used.
    Mary Alice

  11. Ooohhh - I LOVE it! Pretty both day and night. I love your green fence, green glass, cement pieces and that your little bird sits on part of a bird's almost poetic! It does look nice and cool and serene for summer...just perfect for the heat down here in Texas!

  12. Neat items you've grouped together. Love the frame, and I'm always a fan of birds in decor. Love the green bottles with the lights. Really nice!!

  13. Your pretty mantel revision will be featured tonight, Audrey!


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