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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Solar Chandelier for my Secret Garden

making a solar chandelier ...

Gather up a bunch of lamp parts ...

and some $1.00 solar lights ... 

stack them all together ...
... and you have this. 
(sorry I did not have a better picture)  Pic Monkey helped.

Just a short pause to thank Revi at

for the  feature and the nice compliments on this lamp.

you will need a threaded lamp-cord pipe ...
nuts and toothed (lock) washers ...
check rings in various sizes ...
spacers ...  

some beautiful Valspar peacock spray paint from Lowe's ...


charge up your solar lights in the sun and test them in a dark room to see if they work 

...  add some vintage plastic prisms 

and have Mr. Z. help you hang it in your Secret Garden. 

No secret now ... 

he knows where it is. 

watch the sun sparkle off the prisms and glass  

or ...

enjoy the 

soft glow

 of the 

solar lights 



sun goes 


YES ... I 
have a secret garden ... 
 the butterflies, birds and the deer know where it is ...

watch for reveal coming soon 


... then you will know where it is too !!!

Grape tomatoes never make it to the house ... or 
maybe not even out the garden gate ... yummy !!!

So happy that you stopped by.

       Happy Fall ...
gonna have fresh pumpkin for Thanksgiving pies!

watch for my Secret Garden reveal ...
soon,  I hope !

Hope you will visit these fun parties.

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  1. Oh, Audrey, this is so beautiful! I love the color you chose and the various parts added up to something spectacular. Can't wait to see the secret garden - the grape tomatoes look delicious. And you are growing a pumpkin?

  2. Great job repurposing a lamp, Audrey! And a good tutorial, too. Thanks for linking up to Make It Monday, our new link party!

  3. So pretty! I was going to do something similar this summer. I've gotten as far as hanging my empty chandelier in my gazebo. Oh well, another project for next year. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week :)

  4. This is fabulous, Audrey...very creative and adds a very unique touch to your garden...awesome!

  5. Your garden chandelier turned out so lovely! You are so talented. Glad you got a few tomatoes and is that the pumpkin you had mentioned before? Nancy

  6. Your chandelier is amazing Audrey! The colour is fabulous. I absolutely love it.

  7. Such a cool idea, it turned out sooo beautifully! A truly unique and creative idea, Audrey, you are amazing!

  8. OH MY! This just makes me smile! Audrey, how you can take a pile of unrelated pieces and turn it into pure charm and ALWAYS amaze me. You're going to be featured again tonight, love. Thanks for sharing at RLTLT!

  9. This is tooooooooo it. You are so handy at doing things like this.
    And, I looooove Secret Gardens so am looking forward to seeing yours.

  10. Audrey, your chandelier is stunning! You are so talented! Blessings, Cecilia

  11. Hi Audrey, thank you for stopping by and checking out my barn preview at Panoply. I loved seeing your chandy featured, and now that I'm here, I just think we have enough in common with our love of vintage finds that I want to follow along with your posts! I've added your blog to my feed list, and look forward to getting better acquainted. Cheers, friend, and happy hunting!
    Rita C at Panoply

  12. You are one creative gal, Audrey--love the whole concept of your outdoor chandelier, and the color is amazing :)

  13. I absolutely love your chandelier! You did an amazing job creating it and making it a unique, one of a kind piece of art! So pretty!

  14. You always make the coolest things! Love your Chandelier, and I can't wait to see your secret garden, I've always wanted one! I even have a board on pinterest for inspiration, for my one day secret garden!

  15. ...just back by to take a look at that pretty blue chandy. :)
    also thought I might get a peek at that garden...:)
    xoxo bj

  16. So cute! I just found an old wood & antique brass chandelier that I'm going to makeover for my laundry room. This is adorable - if my idea doesn't work out, I'm totally copying!


  17. Love your solar chandelier, Audrey. It's beautiful...and you're amazing!!
    Mary Alice


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