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Friday, October 3, 2014

Vintage wooden tray with rope handles and feet

I love wood trays ... 
Especially of they have feet ... and they only cost 25¢.

 Really clever idea ... 

but ... that was not pretty enough for me. 

so ... i removed the dated decals ...

painted it turquoise ... 

... added wooden twist molding to the little side boards to tie in with the rope handles.

did a little distressing ... 

and added a French graphic from 

Karen at Graphic Fairy ... (thanks Karen) ...

also check out her methods of transfers. 

I reverse printed it with my ink-jet printer on the waxed side of freezer paper. This lets the wet ink just sit on top of the paper ... I wiped the tray with a damp cloth to slightly dampen it. If you get it too wet, the ink will just smear.

I know ... had to start over once. (quick learner) ...

Carefully lay the print face down and don't let it move. Rub the freezer paper until the ink transfers to the tray. You can use the back of a spoon to rub with. I think I just used my fingers and the back on my fingernails. I carefully checked several times to be sure the tray was accepting the ink.
 The transfer was good, but I wanted it a little darker, so I used a fine point uni-ball roller ink pen to go over the letters.

For the curly shadow around the letters, I used a Paper-Mate sharp-writer #2 pencil. 

I was surprised how well that turned out.

Makes a real pretty tray for display.  

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  1. this is just adorable...i love trays, too and usually buy it if i find a half decent one. i'm not crafty like you and i really want to paint my olden cedar che3st and do a french transfer on it but i am going to have to get my daughter to do the transfering...i'm not good at that sort of thing, at all.

  2. This turned out wonderful!
    I've not had much such with transfers... I just use a sharpie! Though, I don't do it much...because I've not been successful. If I ever get it right, I'll probably be sold on the technique. Honey says the same thing to me about catching a fish...I don't like fishing, but if I ever caught one he said ...I'd enjoy it!
    Not sure I believe that. I like the vintage green paint you used... and the rope trim is a nice touch too.

  3. Audrey, this is a gorgeous transformation! The rope molding, transfer and color are sheer perfection! Great job! Blessings, Cecilia

  4. My dear Audrey, I simply LOVE the transformation! You are so talented, sweet friend. Hugs!

  5. Love it Audrey! I have not tried the freezer paper method yet, I need to. Love the color and the graphic! I adore trays also.

  6. Wow, what a transformation! I have a wood tray sitting in my basement......thanks for the inspiration & tutorial. And thanks for sharing your project with us at Make It Monday!

  7. Love the color you chose, Audrey. I glad you kept the rope handles. Did you make a linen look with the paint - it looks like it has texture. I have yet to try the freezer paper transfer method. Love the transformation and thanks for linking to the party!

  8. That is such a great transformation, Audrey! I've done some transfering to fabric, but I haven't tried it on other things. I really like how yours turned out!

  9. Love how your tray turned out. Such an amazing makeover. That colour is just beautiful. Great idea to add the rope molding details.

  10. Your tray is great! I want to try that transfer method...I think I have a tray that might work...

  11. Hi Audrey, That knot idea is sure a clever idea! I love the way your tray turned out! So pretty! Nancy

  12. Your tray turned out Beautiful! I love using this transfer method! I don't think I have a steady enough hand to go over it with a Sharpie like you did, though. Great Job!

  13. You are so creative, Audrey. Love the way you gave that tray a little dress up and makeover!
    Mary Alice

  14. I'm a bit behind with my visit to you...glad I stopped in this morning. What a wonderful makeover. You did one super job. Love the colors and how it all turned out.

  15. Wow...what a wonderful transformation! Absolutely are very talented!

  16. Cute, Audrey. I need to give this a try with a little breakfast tray I have. Yours turned out great.

  17. Just stopping by to wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  18. Audrey,
    O MY!! What a great transformation!! Amazing!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!!

    I am now posting on my Christmas Blog if you can find some time to visit..


  19. WOW! This is a great transformation and you have such a lovely finished product


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