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Friday, March 13, 2015

Master bath remodel before and after.Part 1.

This large 1980's garden tub with pine tongue and groove surround is pretty ... right !!!  

So happy to say ... 
This blog was FEATURED at DIY by Design
Thanks Sharon, I feel so honored. 

Big area and lots of room to display things. 
I  will miss my chandelier ... but that is okay.

It also had pine tongue and groove surround on the front where the blue/gray foam-core insulation pieces are. They were put there to seal off the area they had to access when we had the plumbing problem in 2013.  We did not make good use of this tub in the twenty-eight years we have lived in this house. I think I was in it one time and had trouble getting out of it then because of a bad back. I really hated the tub, the tiny shower and the whole bathroom. The tub took up so much room and I thought we should put that space to a better use. 
I had talked about it several times ... and finally convinced Mr.Z and our contractor/cabinet maker son, that we needed to remodel the bathroom now and make it accessible for the elderly and handicap.  

The entire room is about 7' x 10' and this unused tub with surround took up almost half of that space. 

(look at the picture on the right) .... the new shower wall to the right of the window and behind the bench is were the edge of the tub was. 
The old shower measured 41"x 41" on the outside.  
About 36" inside ... (too small for a handicap bath chair) 
There was thirty-two inches between the tub and shower. 

The metal garden bench was taken from the back porch. All I did was remove the fabric, wash it, add thicker padding and put it back on, leaving the chippy, rusty frame as it was. The pedestal and the cement fountain piece were taken from the entry and the white floor vase was a 25¢ thrift buy.
I replaced the metal mini blind with faux wood one from Lowe's.

See the big white plaster place on the shower wall ?  

That is where the wall was repaired when they changed the plumbing. Yes, shameful, I know ... it sat like that for over a year. I just did not have the heart to redecorate when I hated the bathroom. I wanted that big cabinet hanging over the toilet GONE from the year we bought the house. That got voted down, so I lived with it.

  ... installed a new Kohler toilet and moved the old one to the main bath. Both are comfort or handicap height. 
Love this new one. It has a unique flushing system.

We installed wood planks on the wall behind the toilet and to the corner where the shower was. 
(more about that later) ...  

Glass shower door is gone and no more glass doors to clean ... in fact, no shower door at all right now.

See all that open space ... room to move around and even dress in here if we want to.  The fabric on the garden bench had the perfect jade colored flower to match the old kitchen cabinet that I painted with Behr aged jade. 

I will explain the different color floor tile in another blog.

Love this vintage kitchen cabinet in here. It had been in storage for many years and needed to be restored. We put it back together and modified it to meet our needs. The roomy deep drawers provide space for underwear and the bottom one for extra toilet tissue ... Can you guess where the dirty clothes hamper is?  
(Check out my blog on this coming soon).

I shopped the house, storage and yard for almost everything in here except the metal shorting shelf above the toilet.  

 Just a few other things were bought especially for this room.

Watch for more blogs coming soon on ...
... gutting the bathroom and putting it back together
... vintage kitchen cabinet
... the decorations
... DIY toilet tissue holder
 ... Kohler chrome shower fixtures ... 
... wood planked wall
... hanging a barn door

Thanks for staying with me on this long post ... part 2 will follow soon. 


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  1. omigosh Audrey - that is such a stunning makeover!! What a wonderful space you have now, great job!!!

  2. Audrey! I absolutely love your bathroom. What a wonderful difference all the changes have made.
    The room for the cabinet-- makes a world of difference too. Looks like there is much more light coming in the window too.. I can't wait to see the rest of it.
    Oh...and that ornamental iron piece on the wall-- a piece I covet for sure.

  3. Love the transformation! So much brighter. Love the white. Now is that what Texans call "ship lap boards"?

  4. Wow--just gorgeous! I am so impressed! Hugs, Cecilia

  5. I'm stunned at how much space you freed up by removing that tub. Well done!

  6. O,love it all, Audrey...removing the tub was much better and looks so up to date now. I love your sorting shelf...I would love one of those. It all looks so nice.

  7. What a stunning redo Audrey. I love the tile you chose. What a big bathroom you have now..very beautiful!

  8. I love the bathroom, all of the space and beautiful touches. is the hamper in the cupboard door next to the drawers?

    1. Hello Andi ... since you are a 'no-reply blogger', I will answer your question here and hope you see it.
      Yes, to your question. It is actually an vegetable or potato bin. It makes a great hamper. Hope you will check back to see part 2 of the remodel.
      Audrey Z.

  9. are hired. That looks amazing! Fantastic job.

  10. So it's been a couple months how are you liking the new bathroom?

  11. WOW. Your remodel is amazing. I am going to use your creativity for inspiration in my bathroom.

  12. Such a beautiful job! Love the shower, and that cabinet is wonderful!

  13. How fun for you! What a great remodel. You will love your new shower. The planked wall is so cute.

  14. Wow your bathroom renovation looks amazing. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  15. I love what you have done to the bathroom. The personal touch makes all the difference to making it feel like your own. When we moved into our new home we decoded to gut the bathroom. We chose a completely deferment suite and corner shower, but not trusting to do the plumbing work ourselves, we used our local plumbing company.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  16. It is awesome list.I wasn't aware of this feature of this article.Bath Remodeler in Asheville thanks!


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