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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dollar Tree Saved Christmas ... $ TREE decorations

Year 2013 ...
I bought this sad, scrawny, rather weak Christmas tree which was a real challenge to decorate.

Dollar Tree came to the rescue and saved Christmas.

 Let's Party!

I bought 20 gold glittered reindeer and sprayed them white.

3 white Dove     

4 toy Slinky     

I stretched the white ones out and strung them across the tree for garland. They added sparkle.
The picks with the yellow and red berries that I stuck in the branches also came from Dollar Tree ...
as well as 2 strings of lights ...

... and here she is in all her glory. 
 ( of course, I stuffed and fluffed her a bit)

 I also used a tiny Slinky for a candle ring.

Wishing your a Happy $ TREE Christmas. 

Audrey Z. 

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Christmas Blessings.

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  1. You need to send this post to Dollar Tree to show how fab their stuff can be in the right hands. The tree looks like some high end decorator tree, Audrey!

  2. OMG!!! Love the ornaments re-do and LOVE the use of Slinky's!! So cute! Looks beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. You are so clever Audrey! Who would think slinky's! I love them. Thanks so much for joining. I was very happy to see you.

  4. That is amazing. Your tree looks fantastic. I would never have thought of using a slinky for a garland. Wonderful creativity on your part.

  5. Wonderful tree and decorations Audrey. Christmas colours made from a slinky - original thinking. Your home is so welcoming.

  6. What a transformation! I love the $1 Tree...and who would have thought about adding Slinkies?? What a cute idea, Audrey!

  7. The slinky idea is genius! I love it. I wondered about painting those reindeer. I have some gold ones from a few years ago. Your corner is so adorable.

  8. That turned out beautifully...and the slinky ideas are really creative!

  9. Hi Audrey, The dollar tree decorations turned out so pretty! I never would have thought of using a slinky! And I love your header picture. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day! Nancy

  10. Audrey, your tree looks gorgeous, and I love the Slinky idea! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  11. Audrey, your tree looks fantastic!!! Love the slinky as clever of you.

  12. Audrey, your slinky garland is so cool! I've never seen that before and I love it. Your tree is so pretty. I love the dollar tree ornaments. They hold up year after year and you just can't beat the price! Hope you have an awesome holiday, CoCo

  13. It's such a beautiful Christmas tree!!! The slinky idea is so cool!!! Love the reindeer and dove ornaments!!

  14. This is such a great idea. The slinkys make all the difference. Wow who would have thought slinkys could make nice Christmas decorations.

  15. Your tree is lovely. The Dollar Store is awesome. Great reindeer!

  16. the slinkies are an adorable idea, will have to try that for my kid's corner display! Thanks, Sandi

  17. just as cute as can be....i cut out paper snowflakes to go on our tree....:)

  18. Audrey! You're amazing; the tree is so beautiful. Those white deer and the slinkies--who knew how well they'd work on a Christmas tree :)

  19. Audrey, You have really transformed this tree & you would never know you used Dollar Tree ornaments! I especially love the Slinky ornaments ~ Congratulations, you're being featured at tomorrow's Vintage Charm party! Hugs, Cecilia

  20. Who knew a $1 slinky could look so good?!! Enjoy your beautiful creativity!

  21. Very, very clever & creative!! Love the mini slinky candle holder too! I love dollar tree also.

  22. Dollar Tree needs to hire you as a store stylist! Love the slinkys most of all but those spray painted reindeer are giving me some great ideas.


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