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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Junk Yard Treasures

Our son bought several architectural porch posts on Craig's list and I was asked to go pick them up as it was closer to where we lived. 
I had no idea to what to expect, but was so happy to find this place. 
First, we were greeted by this huge cast iron eagle. If I remember correctly ... a huge U.S. flag hung on the large metal post. 
After I picked up my son's purchase, I asked if I could look around and take some pictures ... (hoping to find a treasure that I could buy). 

Well ... I found lots of treasures, but nothing seemed to be for sale.
(excuse being ... I might need that or my son wants that)

I did buy a few more weathered porch posts/columns to make legs for a harvest table I planned to build. 

Now FOUR years since the trip to that junk yard and here they still stand in the corner of my workshop.

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Here are a few treasures that I saw.    
 Large augers for drilling holes in the ground ... 
maybe for fence posts.


FORD 2000 Diesel tractor that still runs with the help of some starter fluid.  


 SAFEMARK spare tire

 Does not look safe to me.

  Added weigh.


Loved the patina ...

I really wanted this chicken nesting box !!!   

Not for sale. His grandson may start raising chickens and need it  ...
And look at the wire cages with rabbit feeders.

Some child will remember the fun times on this  old scooter. 
Love the blue color.

 This place was originally a sawmill ... just look at the size of that blade !!!


... but look at the size of the trees he cut. 

There were several large slices from trees laying around. 
Wish I had asked for some.

This looks like a cedar. 

Don't know what this is ... but interesting.

    It had rained the night before and everything was so fresh and clean.
The old man told me the name of this tree, but this trip to the Junk Yard was several years ago and I have forgotten. 

He described the limbs to feel like rubbing the legs of a lady who was wearing silk hose. WOW!
Most Texans use their hands to illustrate what they are saying. He was good at this by cupping his hands together and giving and up and down motion. lol

  Don't fence me in ...

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the Junk Yard ... yes, there was a junk yard dog, but he was behind the fence and he did his share of barking.  

For the pictures, I was looking for something unusual, texture, color and patina ...  I think I found a good variety.

I did find an old galvanized funnel on the ground, picked it up and Mr. JunkYard man gave it to me.

Hope you will hop over and take a look at my  junky funnel blog posted in 2012 


What did you see that you liked?

Thanks for your visit. I hope to get back to blogging full time soon.
Audrey Z.

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  1. Hi There!
    what a neat place!
    I loved seeing the tractor (the blue Ford) ... I kind of like the tractors! I also like the porch posts and can't wait to see what you do with those!
    The fence with the speed limit sign, well, we see a lot of properties around here with the wood tied onto the gates and rails. I love the look of it. I tried to do some of that out front here...but ran out of stamina, time and focus!
    ...i mean, it's time consuming! especially if you don't have a mill close by and the wood precut.

    great seeing you post, I hope to get back to it too.
    take care!

  2. Love the idea of the wood on the fence. Such wonderful rusty, crusty treasures. There 's place like this out in the woods. The owner claims he sells stuff, but I have never seen him give up a treasure. The scooter is my favorite. Or maybe the hen box. Or maybe .. ah, forget it - I love it all!

  3. Audrey what a great collection of rust and texture and colour and so much more. As Donna just said, I love it all.

  4. Wow...what a lot of cool rusty and crusty stuff! We visit some places like this when we go see our son in TN. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of those cool porch posts!

  5. What a treasure trove, Audrey! Love those rabbit feeders! Thank you for sharing your treasure hunt @Vintage Charm! Pinning!

  6. What a fun place full of eye candy Audrey! I would have been in 7th heaven there. Been wanting nesting boxes like that for years. Drooling over that chippy scooter as well. Hoping over to check out your funnel. I have one I am going to plant for my potting shed.

  7. Lots of wonderful rusty crusty junk. Glad to see you back and look forward to see lots more posts from you!

  8. I do love going thru places like that...tho I am not much for chippy or rusty, I would have bought those posts,,too. Great post

  9. Great junk yard tour, Audrey--featuring you tomorrow at Vintage Charm :) Pinned and Facebooked, too!

  10. Hi Audrey! Checking you out from Vintage Charm...I love rusty and crusty too, and this junkyard has it! Awesome visit! Wish I could have come the funnel he gave you. Could that tree be a Crepe Myrtle? It sorta looks like their trunk.

  11. Oh my, all sorts of goodies laying around that junk yard! That scooter caught my eye. What fun.


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