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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back Door Entry.Ladder Tree.Birds.Bells

Why did I spend a lot of hours decorating the front porch when everyone uses the back entrance through the garage?  I knew all the family would be coming in this way and the garage, work tables and counters were really a mess.  You know how it is when you start digging stuff out to decorate with. Not only this, but the mess that I always leave. Wish I had taken the before pictures (well maybe glad I didn't. It would have put you in shock).

This is the door that opens into the laundry room or mud room where everyone takes off shoes and hangs coats.
I had painted these walls and door several years ago and the color was perfect for the red ribbon to hang and make it look like a tied Christmas present.


I had bought this wood extension ladder at Estate sale and with so many Bloggers doing ladder Christmas trees, this gave me the idea for this. This ladder has five sections and using just these two sections, it is seven feet tall. Most of the stuff on the tree came off this red peg rack or sitting on the counter. I strung 100 tiny clear lights running diagonal from bottom to top. I covered them with branches taken from a scrappy sparse tree. The branches are wonderful but did not make a nice tree. It has natural pine cones and I added a few other dried seed pods.

A pressed copper Cardinal has landed in the very top.
Birds have built nests in old dippers and strainers.

From a nearby shelf I found a little strawberry box full of small bells and I tied all of them to the ladder rungs with raffia. You will see them hanging down behind the limbs. The iron handle is to the dipper that the little bird (highlighted) in the next picture is hidden in.

Two colorful birds are perched on the iron skimmer.

The old white tin pocket holds berries for the birds.
You can see some bells hanging on the rungs in this picture.  
This big green worm has eaten his way into this ceramic apple birdhouse. Hope the Mama bird does not eat him.
I think this tiny bird is ready to flee the nest.

An old white cow bell with a very loud gong still has the neck collar strap. A smaller bell hangs below.

The white scrolly metal basket it full of fax moss balls, nests and a vintage birdhouse. This is sitting on the counter left of the tree. You can also see my small collection of keys hanging on the wall and peg rack. The two large birds were covered up housed in this huge wire basket of ivy (below)that is in the garage for the winter.  
They are happy to be free.

This handmade wire fence basket is wonderful and I hope to duplicate it soon and do a tutorial.

This little red child's chair was stacked with the same stuff you see here; plus a little more, but was not arranged just stacked ...
looks better.

Hopefully, the lights will be a warm welcome to our family and friends.

Hope you enjoy one organized corner of my garage.

Christmas Blessings.

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  1. Can wait to walk in the door and give the Birhtday Girl a big hug. I LOVE YOU Mom!

  2. Well it sure looks good Audrey! Very charming, rustic and warm, Thanks for linking up to the newbie party.

  3. I love it all, but I really LOVE those old red bells! Your ladder looks wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. I have been wanting to do up a ladder for the holidays. Yours is really inspiring me!

  5. out did yourself once again Missy!! I want an old ladder too...I think they are so cool to use as a entry decoration! Ive seen them even in bathrooms as towel holders! I hope you have lots of family and friends to come in thru that warm welcome you've created. Sending you and Bob big fat messy kisses & hugs!!

  6. Fantastic job! I love how you used all the "junk" to decorate your ladder tree. The fence cage is giving me ideas...

  7. Love your ladder!! You are so talented!! May you and yours have a Merry Christmas!!

  8. Hi Audrey
    I see that you are a new blogger. Welcome to the world of blogging. It's nice to have another Grandma in the family!


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