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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Entry. Snowmen.Bottlebrush Trees and Snow

(Internet source)
I do not recall what source.

This is the library table in my entry. Every Christmas I build a snowman village with my vintage snowmen and bottlebrush trees, but this year, I was inspired by the photo above but added my own personal touch.

On top my tea stained burlap runner, I laid down a string of tiny white lights and covered them with this cheesecloth. I expected this to be one big roll, but it is 24" pieces which worked out really well. Beautiful to create a nice glow. 
(tag sale $2.00) Love it!!!

Love the way the light bounces off the faux snow.

Snow is not present in every picture
as it just "snowed" last night.

This is a vintage lantern wall sconce that I am in the process of restoring but it works nicely here with the mercury glass ball icicles hanging inside.

Important day of the month to celebrate the birth of Christ.
(my birthday too)

I hung three crystal prisms from the top of the mirror above the ice covered wreath.  

The reflection in the mirror is a beautiful young girl ...titled "Christmas Gifts" ... a give-away advertisement calendar printed on the back from Grand Union Tea Company and dated 1898.

Christmas Blessings to everyone.

I have been FEATURED !!!!  Thanks Debbie.

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  1. I love your Christmas vignette. It's so pretty. My favorites would have to be the little trees and the number 25. Great job!

  2. So pretty and festive! Love the bottle brush trees! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Very pretty, Audrey! So, how do you like having a Dec. 25th birthday? Mine is the 23rd and that's bad enough...can't imagine a Christmas one! Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!!

  4. So gorgeous Audrey! I will be featuring you today!

  5. Really like it all! I'll be following. Hope you'll check me out and do the same!


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