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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wax Paper Iron-on transfer Tutorial Garden Blessings Sign

Are you ready for Spring ... I am !!!

Taking this old painted board, I made something useful and attractive. 
This board was painted baby blue and aged to perfection with chippy,  missing paint. (this is the back)
I watered down some green paint and washed it over the
blue and it turned out a very nice green.
I used Microsoft Word to design the layout.
I reversed/flipped or made a mirror image.
Cut a piece of wax paper to fit a letter size card-stock weight paper, taped it to the sides and top. Leave a little free space at the top for the printer to grip it.

Using my LaserJet printer; printed it out on the waxed side of wax or freezer paper, can't remember which I used, but either one will work. It is hard to figure which is the waxed side, but you can scratch it with your fingernail to see. I think the wax side in on the inside of the roll. For this, I needed to print one word per page.

I placed the wax paper face down on my board and ironed it until I was satisfied with the transfer. You do not get all the ink or toner to transfer to the rough board, but that is the
look you want anyway. Actually, I think the LaserJet toner is not supposed to transfer by ironing, but I got away with it and I was happy enough with the results.

I dumped out my big box of hooks to try to find three matching ones.  I narrowed it down to two and ended up picking the sap tapping spile and hook ones.

The spiles have the drain spout and also a hook where the sap bucket was hung, so this offered two places to hang something on one hook.
(sorry for the blurred picture)
I drilled holes that were just a tad smaller than the spile so it
could be driven in and be tight.
The yellow faucet handle was to represent a flower.
The top piece is the finial off a metal garden gate.
Now all I had to do was hang it up and add something decorative. Great for garden tools and baskets for stuff.

A small sap bucket; a chicken wire basket and a string holder look great with it. Could use more baskets and use in the bathroom for needfuls.
Just a fun piece and almost cost free.


Your turn ... make something fun!

Blessings ... Audrey Z.

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  1. Very cute!!! I want a laser printer badly for projects like this!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. Your sign turned out very cute! I don't have a laser printer. Wish I did.

  3. Ahhhh...this is very charming...thank you for sharing how it all came together.


  4. This is precious, Audrey, thank you so much for sharing! I'm your newest fan!

  5. Cute sign, just goes to prove never throw anything out - just look at all the amazing finds right in your own garage.

    Oh, and I just read your profile, and I gotta say it....... YOU GO GIRL!!!


  6. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! I am so impressed! You got some serious skills!
    PS Can you post this at my place on Wednesday?

  7. I love your sign with the faucet handle flower and I checked out your vintage kitchen utensil displays. I like old utensils and old mixing bowls.

  8. Aubrey, I love this! I'm such a summer lovin', outdoor kinda girl. I can't wait to get out in my flowerbeds! I'm so impressed with your talent. You consistently display amazing creativity.


  9. I am loving your sign and how you used your found objects for embellishment. Really cute!
    Thanks for our visit to my blog today. I can see we love some of the same things.


  10. Very cute! I love the way the paint turned out. The faucet flower addition is so cute! I am visiting from Knick of Time. Now a new follower.

  11. Hi Audrey - this is so clever, I love it. I wish I had a box of old hooks 'n stuff. It just goes to show - it's good to be a hoarder !!!

  12. Love it Audrey..... I'm following you back. I do love a good junk find. :)

  13. I love this! Thanks for the direction on the iron transfer with the wax paper. I want to try that.

    My blogger has been wonky for so long, and tonight all of the blogs that had been missing from my home page finally showed back up! I hope and pray they stay. It's nice to find you again.

  14. Great idea! I love this! I have to try this transfer!

  15. I love your Sign! I'm going to try your tech, hope it works for me!

  16. OK, Now I have to be on the lookout for junk gates so I can have those scrolly things on the top! LOL!! Love those things you used for hooks too - wow! Is this ever cute!

  17. Audrey You Rock. I absolutely love this project. Great color too. Thanks so much as always for joining me. Please know I appreciate it, I don't get over like I want to anymore...but I love to have you.

  18. Love the garden sign.. I have a thing for spigot knobs. Never thought of them as flowers.. I want to use them as handles on a dresser.... Good Job.

  19. What a precious sign...perfect with that knob.:))


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