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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

... it lived happily ever-after !

what can you do with an old wooden ironing board?
What can you do with an old wooden ironing board ?   
IRON clothes, of courses ...         

No WAY !!! 

so, what did I do ?   
I made a cutting board. 

  a Farmers' MARKET cutting board.
36" long and about 12" wide ... this sucker is heavy. 
Left one side plain and will likely add another sign.

 The three small knotholes add a little bit of charm.
(middle hole is where I removed a brad holding the legs on).
I added a little bit more charm with cut marks.
... oiled and waxed

... drilled a one-inch hole in the handle for hanging.

Now WHAT? 
... laid it on my dining table. 

... added bleached leaves and burlap pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. 
I painted some white and some jade green. 

... threw out a little candy corn.

... added white candles in an old Mason jar. 

... added place settings for French Onion Soup and
now we are ready for a nice Fall supper.  

... remove the decoration and use the board to sit the food on.

Happy Fall ...
Thanks for the visit.
I hope you will say hello.
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  1. What a fantastic idea, Audrey! And it also makes such a cute centerpiece for a fall table. I actually love an old wooden ironing board too! Hope you are having a good week!

  2. As always Audrey you inspire me every time you create something fresh from something you had around. Of course I pinned your ironing board turned into an oversize bread board that makes a wonderful centre piece base.

  3. Such a wonderful idea and the cutting board is perfect.

  4. Good morning, Audrey. I love your new header - how cozy! What a great repurpose for the ironing board as well! I have my mother's wood one her dad made. Guess I won't cut that one up, ha! Really like your cutting board- it makes a great centerpiece on your table. Hope you are doing well.

  5. What a fabulous table! Love your blog! thanks

  6. your header is stunning, the cutting board is awesome and your table is gorgeous xx

  7. Hi Audrey!!!
    You've been on my mind, but I am not on the computer much these days. Hope you and B are doing well...would love to see you again sometime! Love that ironing board - I think I had a similar one and sold it in a garage sale. Should have kept it!

  8. Audrey, this is a great idea! I love how it turned out and what a great upcycle!

    xo Dianne

  9. Audrey, you are so clever! The stenciling is beautiful and I love your pretty autumn table, candy corn and all! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinning to our Features & Favorites!

  10. Hi! Very pretty. You have a one of a kind fall table decoration! Nancy

  11. I can't wait. Cute, cute post. I love that you used Candy Corn. How sweet.

  12. I love this idea. You are very creative and the tablescape looks just right.

  13. It's so good to see you posting again. I know how busy you've been with work around your pretty home...and not feeling all that well...
    Your cutting board is pure genius....and so so cute.


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