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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

25¢ restyled 1950's Clock.French Signature

Bought at Fun Fabulous Finds Resale at one of their first 25¢ Parking Lot Sales.

 I got a big car load that day and this clock cost me 25¢ ... yes 25¢.
My before picture is not very good, but that was the only one I took when I brought it home. It is lighter maple than what it shows against that dark cedar wall. I was so shocked to see it in the 25¢ Sale as when I saw in hanging in their store, it looked like an expensive clock.

I looked back on my photo chip of the Resale Store and found this picture where it was hanging in the store.
I removed the clock works and spray painted it gray and painted the frame around the clock face black.  Added the Crown, Flu De lei, and French signature graphic from The Graphic Fairy.   
Notice the pretty Fleur-De-lei around the clock face.  

I did the laser transfers with a hot iron. This was not successful over the paint as it pulled the paint off ... so I just sanded all the paint off in those areas and ironed it directly to the bare wood. Looks great.

It is a battery clock and keeps perfect time.

The shelves swing (rotate) and can be place in different positions.
The shelves are not very big, but big enough for a small picture or vase.  Great clock for 25¢ ... 

Thanks for your visit.
Hope you enjoy seeing this make-over. 
Do you think this clock is worth 25¢ ???? 

Audrey Z. 
From my Front Porch to Yours


  Savvy Southern Style


  1. Great find, wow.. .25 cents... The transformation is super good.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I guess it was a quarter because no one else wanted the clock, and couldn't see the beauty that you were able to bring out in that old clock.

  3. Unbelievable! It looks amazing!! Great job!

  4. I think I would have passed the clock up because I didn't like the shelves. Redesigned and done with your display, I love it! And, only a quarter! ~ Maureen

  5. What a great find, and you made it look amazing!!! Hugs, Penny

  6. You did it again, great upgrade. Love the transformation. Amazing buy price.

  7. Wow! 25 cents? Incredible. What a fabulous makeover. I love it.

  8. Of course! And my goodness what a great job you did with it. Such creativity and style. Very nicely done!

  9. I love this makeover. What a beautiful design.

  10. Super cool as always Audrey. That is really neat! Thanks for sharing with my party.

  11. Most definitely worth a quarter!
    you make it look much more expensive.

    you did a great job with the transfers too.

  12. Well worth it, Audrey! You made the clock look like a million bucks....

  13. I have never seen a clock like that with shelves. You were lucky to find that and you did a great job. I am a new blogger and follower on GFC. I found you on creative bloggers party and hop. I hope you will consider following me back as well.

  14. Wow 25 cents and it looks great! You did an awesome job of making a good thing better!

  15. Audrey,

    What an amazing makeover!!
    It came out stunning!!
    You get an A+ on this one, girl!!


  16. Just found your blog through Rusty and Redone. Love it! By the way, I am a "Z" descendant..through Andrew Z of MO - descendants to Gonzales TX pre-TX days. - Revis

  17. 25 cents?? Good grief, that is amazing! What a beautiful clock, and I love how you have it displayed!
    Debbie :)

  18. What a charming clock...can't believe they sold it so cheap. :))

  19. You could sell that now for mullah! But, why would you it is perfect and so beautiful. The graphics add just the right touch. Thanks for following me too!


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