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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Farmer's Market Fall Mantel, Old Country Store Price Tags

Farmer's Markets are always a busy place and so is my Fall mantel. The crows and mice are all over the place. 
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My vintage wire gathering baskets usually just sit around under a table; in a corner or some other unnoticeable place ... so I thought I would showcase them on my Fall Mantel. 

I just love the vintage County Store price tag
graphics that Angie at Knick of Time offered up in her free printable graphics and this inspired me to do the Farmer's Market Mantel. I just used what I had from last year.

I have always wanted to put these tall iron candlesticks on the Mantel, but they always seemed too tall and lighting the candles that high was a problem. Displayed with the rattan covered pumpkins worked out nicely.

The first two wire baskets are for real, antique gathering baskets bought from a person who actually used them. 

Left to right ... the tiny aqua fruit jar is filled with red seeds from our Mountain Laura tree. Bet you missed seeing that. 

The small basket with the 3for25¢ price sign is a wire basket used in a deep fryer. I bent the handle up straight so that it would hang flat against the wall. I copied Angie at Knick of Time 
She has them hanging in her Kitchen. I had mine hanging in my breakfast room with lemons before using it in this display.    
This is a better picture of the wire basket.

The basket below with the colorful pear is a crinkle wire apple gathering basket. The old crow decided this was a perfect place to sit and observe what is going on.
 Every Farmer's market needs a good scale.

This large basket in the center is very open and has holes about the size of a nickle in the bottom so the dirt from the harvested potato can sift through. I have it filled with old gourds and they are 26¢ each.
The last basket   
is filled with apples for 4½¢ each. I bought it off eBay many years ago because I thought it was a mate to my other apple picking basket ... but so happy and surprised that it was quite a bit larger. As I recall, I got a really good deal on it. 

The other tall candlestick balances out the right side. They are cast iron candlesticks, hand made, most likely in Mexico and was given to me by my dear friend, Katie.

My hand painted sign on old weathered beaded board ... the berry wreath and old chippy green garden gate set the center stage. Colorful gourds, acorns and hydrangeas fill in the gap between the baskets.

My daughter says she wants to shop my Farmer's Market ... she likes the prices, but I think she wants the baskets.  

This vignette is sitting on the hearth.
The little guy is so heavy, he does not get moved around very much.

Dollar Store mice are eating the corn. The crow left when the second mouse showed up.
One crow in nestled in the plant in hopes of getting some corn off the drying rack. 

Hope you enjoyed my first time to do my Mantel in symmetrical display ... has always been asymmetrical with a large picture; wreath or mirror to one side and some other large piece on the other side to balance it. I prefer asymmetrical, but I know the proper way is symmetrical. 

What do you prefer ? 
How is your Fall Mantel coming along? 

Oh my gosh ... I forgot Burlap ...
What was I thinking ????????
  Thanks for stopping by. 
Appreciate your comments.

Hope you days are filled with cooler weather and Fall is just days away. 

Audrey Z.
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  1. I love the gate anchoring the display of wire baskets with fall produce. The price tags are very fun! I love it all Audrey. The pumpkin in the rusty urn is cute too.

  2. I enjoyed the surprise rat the most, but loved every piece of your mantel. A visual treat on every picture and I love your narrative tying it all together.

  3. What a lovely mantel display! The rat and the crow are the perfect whimsical touch!

  4. I love the mantle display...the tall iron candle holders with the pumpkins, the iron gate, the baskets! Love it all!.

  5. there is a proper way? and it's symmetrical? Really?!

    I love your mantel. I thought the pumpkin and the urn painted white...the corn and the mouse! All whimsical. I loved it.
    A true farmer's market mantel. I have been looking for some baskets...most are new and made in china... I'd take a couple deep fryer baskets though if I came across some.

    thanks for showing it.

  6. Your mantle is so unique and creative, Audrey! Adore all the timeless elements you used!

  7. Love your mantle ! It looks amazing !

  8. Such a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing. I am following you on GFC via I Gotta Create Wildly Original linky party. Blessings to you

  9. This is a fabulous vintage inspiration mantle!!! Thank you for sharing! I love burlap as well, tee hee hee!!! I am a new follower of your blog and invite you to join mine as well, would love to see you there!

  10. What beautiful treasures you have, displayed beautifully too!!
    Will spend some time exploring your other treasures on your blog.

  11. I always appreciate the inspiring projects you share at Potpourri Friday!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! I think it's one of the cutest fall mantels I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing! - Revis

  13. What a great display! SUPER FUN!!

  14. Your mantel is beautiful! I love the sign and the white burlap adds so much! Fantastic job. :)

  15. This is so festive! Love those huge iron candlesticks - perfect for those pumpkins! All your baskets are amazing. Pinning this!

  16. What a creative, beautiful display! Love the Farmers Market theme with your great baskets and tags.

  17. Your mantel is gorgeous! I love how you used to many textures and varied the height. Love those baskets and the scale is perfect with the pumpkin on it. I prefer the asymmetrical look...yours is stunning!

  18. Audrey,
    Your Fall mantel looks wonderful. Some many nice treasures all over. I still haven't pulled out all the fall decor yet, I'd better get busy.
    Love the price on your apples, now that is a buy and a half at 4 1/2 cents each. :0)

  19. This looks absolutely FANTASTIC...
    It's funny that, just before I got oon the computer tonight, I was working on MY fall mantel...How fun it is to change things up.
    and, I prefer the asymmetrical look, too. I think this is why my last mantel dressing, with the white vases and chalkboard was pretty to me, but it kept bothering me ea time I walked into the dining room...sooo I am off to shop the house and see what I can do on this mantel tomorrow.
    Thanks for the great inspiration here.

  20. Your mantel looks wonderful! I really love the gathering baskets...they are so unique!

  21. You have created an entire story about the Autumn season here. I had saved the price tags form Knick of Time and had forgotten about them. Love the gate and the baskets, but the plot of the story is all about that crow and the two mice!

  22. I love it Audrey.Such a cute theme. I love the baskets and the price tags. "The crow left when the second mouse showed up." You are cracking me up.

  23. Great displays! My fave is the jar with the red seeds. :)

  24. Audrey, Your farmer's market mantel is wonderful. What a great idea. Loving all the details.
    Mary Alice

  25. So original and I love all of the little stories of the animals going on in the scene too. I think Pinterest needs to know about this! Hopping over from Knick of Time.

  26. Love your fall mantle, the price tags on the fruit is such an adorable idea. Thanks so much for linking up to Show & Share Wednesday, can't wait to see what you link up this week! :)

  27. You are featured today at Potpourri Friday!

  28. OMG...I LOVE your mantle. I am in love with every pumpkin. I am cancelling my Chiro appointment and going shopping for pumpkins today. This is a beautiful and inspirational post. I would love it if you would share it at our WIW Linky Party. I hope you can join us.


  29. Your mantel is adorable!! I love the mice eating corn, just too cute! and your baskets, and your scale, and everything, wonderful job!


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