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Monday, September 17, 2012

Painter's Drop Cloth Drapes...Stamped Branding Irons

Saturday projects for my daughter and I have been working on drapes for the hunter's/guest lodge section of the ranch house which is over the garage. They are week-end ranchers and travel about 500 miles each week-end to take care of the house and ranch chores; so Saturday is the only day we could work on drapes. With all the other chores, we did good to get four panels done each week.

They have quarter horses and raise exotics.  We live about about one hour away.
This part of the house has two bedrooms, a bath and a "great-room". It is decorated with Western/Ranch and Mr. Scott loves the old actors from the Western movies.
We are using painter's drop cloths for the drapes and decorated each panel with ranch brands ... or other "brands" that we created. Circle 6 ... we used an old bed spring for the circle and the 6 branding iron.
This is a combination of the three, one and zero branding irons.     Just used a regular horseshoe for this brand. This Y in a square is a brand registered to Scott's great grandfather which we believe is Fork Creek Ranch. We cut a stencil for it. They have a Rockin' W branding iron, decorative only, not used for branding. This is the Ranch name. We added the  S, K and J to the brand.  
A small S for Scott (husband) and J for Justin (son) K for Kathie (Mom) ... and numbers ... don't know what the numbers represent.

We put a shallow layer of just regular house trim paint in a recycled aluminum pan and dipped the branding irons in the paint and then stamped them on the painter's drop cloth panels.  Some brands was made with a stencil. We also used black on some of the brands, just using regular craft paint.

There are six windows in the "great-room" that get a lot of  West sun. 
Look up ... the ceiling is done with recycled rusty tin roofing material.
Drapes are hung with a tension rod and fit inside the windows so they can be lowered half-way or removed when not needed for blocking the sun. My daughter draped a large bandana over the rod for a valance. Looks really good.

This has been a fun project ... learning as we go.
She is happy with the results and that is important. 

Thanks for visiting ... hope you are inspired to try painter's drop cloths for drapes. 

I made some Drop Cloth Drapes last year and so very happy with them. View here. 

Audrey Z. 

This is an email I received from Pat at Corn in my Coffee Pot

Hope you will pay her a visit.

She had already made a comment on the curtains, so I got permission from her to post this email that I received from her.

Pat saying:
Oh yes! I loved your curtains. I'm thinking of all the transfers you could do on them. Not just branding irons. You could use different sized round objects for a variation on a circle or bubble theme. You could use shoe prints for a sports themed room. Track or running shoes just across the top edge, you could use a little car and roll a wheeled pattern for a boys room with trucks... Or! a real tire that has been rolled through paint for a bigger effect.
The ideas are limitless!
I pinned this idea. Thank you for sharing them ! Pat

My reply:  
Oh WOW Pat ... these curtains really turned on your ‘inspiration button’ ... love all your ideas and all sound exciting, especially the track shoes and real car tire. What a great idea for someone into car racing. 

What has 'turned-on" your creative button lately? 

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  1. What a fabulous idea with the drop cloth drapes! I absolutely love it.

    Have a great week!

  2. Ah! I think these are wonderful. I know you'll get lots of rave reviews for this idea.
    I'm pinning them!

  3. What a great idea for a ranch house! I love the idea of using the branding symbols!!

  4. Seeing that room makes me want to take up ranching! ~ Maureen

  5. That is such a neat idea! Great job done and the cabin is so nice! It has never entered my mind to use painters dropcloth for curtains! Nancy

  6. What an awesome idea!! Love the way this looks. Excellent choice for your home.


  7. Oh, the drapes are perfect for that room, what a fabulous idea you girls came up with, yep we love our drop clothes, the price is soooo right!


  8. These are precious for the ranch. They look sooo cute.
    xo bj

  9. Great idea, drop cloth fabric rocks. Your tin ceiling is pretty great too.

  10. I've been thinking about using drop cloths for drapes - these are so cute!! What a fun room!


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