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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painter's Drop Cloth Drapes.Antler horn buttons

This is a re-post of a blog I posted last year ...  especially for Donna Funky Junk Interiors SN 152 - unique window treatments party.

Last Fall I made these painter's drop cloth drapes for our living room French doors.
Good weight material, easy to make, helps keep out the heat and cold and still lets in a little light. We have a casual living room so these work in really well.

I was inspired by the ones Donna at Funky Junk Interiors had made.  Donna's drapes.
If interested, you can read my original post here........DRAPES
I draped them over the rods and folded part over to make a ruffle or valance. No cutting, no sewing. I left them like that for a couple weeks, then washed and ironed them to make them hang better. Just a couple days before Christmas, I finished them up.

I bought two 6' x 9' drop cloths from Home Depot for about $11.00 each. Lowe's had the same thing ... different brand, same price, same weight, but I thought the ones at Home Depot felt softer.

I bought swing-arm rods from Lowe's ... little expensive, but nice. If we want to open the drape for light, we can just swing it to the side.

I harvested some old drop/natural shed antlers from my daughter and son-in-law's deer ranch to make buttons for the drapes. They have tons of antlers all over the place because the deer shed them every year.  

September 2012 ... These deer horns are new growth and in velvet.
Here are the eight buttons ... unwashed, in their natural state. Some are Whitetail and some Axis, but work good together and look better when washed.We sawed the burr (curly piece that fits to the head) off the end of the antler to use as a button for the drapes. Sawing is neither fun nor easy. Not advisable to breath the dust when the sawing. Protect the hands too.

I randomly tacked four buttons to each panel catching both pieces of fabric in the tack. I also tacked along the outside edges. I used waxed button thread and left long strings to tie and leave some hanging down. 

Our family liked them very much and I expect them to be putting up painter's drop cloth drapes at their ranch pretty soon. Both our children have ranches.

... in fact ... my daughter and I have been making curtain panels for six windows in their "bunk house" section of their ranch house where the hunters and guests are housed. 

Check out these interesting drapes. 

Thanks for the visits .. I hope you are inspired to look outside the box when making drapes.  Painter's drop clothes are great.

Fun stuff. !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. These are just as cute as Donna's..
    you did a great job, A.:)


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